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That shoe of tomorrow video dates from the mid-50s, not circa 1940, as it is tagged on youtube...that was a Karmann Ghia in one shot, couldn't tell if it was a low-lamp one or high-lamp, but clearly not from the 40s.     I'd be afraid to flex any of my shoes like they did in the video...amazing!
I just picked up a pair of Saratoga tassel loafers in a medium brown color today, for $3.99 at my local Valley Thrift Store.  They have what look like original AE heels with the chevron-shaped detail, and the soles are the right color, but there is no embossed AE lettering on the waist of the sole...they are also old enough that they have the old-style "handcrafted world of Allen Edmonds" blurb on the sock liner.  I found Sanfords in black and walnut(?) recently for less...
The only shine stand I can think of is at the airport, and I'm phobic of flying, so I don't spend much time there if I can help it.  I shine my own on Sunday evening...get ready for the week ahead.
I personally believe you should have some miles on you and be gray at the temples, or it would be a tough look to pull-off successfully.  It could also become your trademark or schtick, which could be good, or not-so-good.  I work with a guy who is a tie freak, and not only does he wear inappropriate ties for our trade(funeral and cemetery) he also is not taken seriously because of his affectation...that, and he's a real a**hole.
I just took a quick look at my "tough to iron shirts" and they are all must-iron 100% cotton, and relatively thin fabrics.  Oxford cloth and twill tends to be easier to iron, and less prone to wrinkling.
I have several shirts that are just about hopeless unless I take them to the shirt laundry.  Most of my other shirts get handwashed in the sink, rinsed, squeezed but not wrung to remove excess water, dipped in a 1-1 solution of liquid starch and tap water, squeezed to remove the excess, and hung up.  Ideally, when they are just damp, I iron them, and it takes no time at all to get crisp, nice shirts.  If they dry all the way, I spritz them with a little water from a...
My cobbler, Jeff at Cobblestone Shoe Repair in Creve Coeur MO told me, very delicately I might add, that AE's are prone to that flex in front of the heel, especially with larger men like me (235Lbs), and that if it gets really pronounced as the shoe wears, the leading edge of the heel can start wearing, not just the trailing edge where it normally strikes the pavement.  He seems to be right, I have a tired pair of AE McAllisters that the heel is wearing funny, and the...
I'm not wild about the narrow strap, but the hides and shape of the shoe are cool as can be...do I have big enough gonads to wear them?  Not sure, but I do like the way they look.
My first AE's were the Arlington, in black calf.  I'd be tickled if I could get find a pair in 12D.    
I might suggest that you settle in for a week or two, see what other people in the office look like, make sure it's going to be a place where you can actually make a living, then go out and sell something...buy some cool stuff with your first big check.  "Dialing for dollars" all day is a drag sometimes, but if you have the affinity for it, more power to ya!   I interviewed with NW Mutual in St Louis about 25 years ago, the Qualy Agency as I recall...was offered the...
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