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Let me preface this post by saying I'm in the cemetery trade, where you will see many funeral directors wearing black suits, and wearing a boutonniere is not uncommon.  Today I saw a director wearing a solid black suit, with a red rose boutonniere embroidered onto the left lapel.  I thought it was kind of clever, within the context of my work environment.   Any thoughts?     
One 2 button, center vent, pleated and cuffed trousers.  I strongly prefer dark gray, always have.  I will admit to 3 dark blue blazers with brass buttons.
I hadn't stood on a Brannock Device since I was a little kid, getting fitted at Saul Marmer's Shoes Store in Cincinnati, but I was shopping for walking shoes today(the better half has decreed that we are going to walk every evening).  Per the Brannock, I should wear an 11A...I'm in at least 12D in most lasts.  I suppose the device is useful for some people and some foot shapes, but not worth a hoot for me.  
I suspect AE would have an issue with the half sole, more than the heel replacement...
My saddles are solid black (J&M Aristocrafts and FootJoy Classics) and while I wear both with a SC and odd trousers, I'd feel uncomfortable in a dressy suit.  They also have radiused edges on the soles on both pair, which, to my eye, gives a slightly less formal look.
When I see navy chinos I think of the outfit the mechanical and body techs wear at the Cadillac dealership I go to for service.  The gray shirt is even more evocative of that look, because they wear gray shirts with their names embroidered on them...All you need is a Snap On or Matco hat and you'll complete the look.  
$140 is a lot of money for a local cobbler to charge...even my "expensive" guy that I take my better shoes to only charges $72 for full soles and heels, and a hand polish instead of the sprayed-on shine.
Every shop has their "off" days...I go to my guy partly because he is a curmudgeonly old guy and he's fun to talk to...their finishing isn't the greatest, they are sloppy with edge dressing and whatnot, but the shoes stay together after they repair them.   He and I talked today about how hard it is to find a cobbler, or a barber...people get throw-away shoes and go to Great Clips for haircuts...
I just picked up 2 pairs from my local cobbler today...smelled enough in the car that I cracked a window, but I don't notice any aroma from them tonight.  My guy is an old Greek man with a middle-aged sidekick who does most of the work, and his prices vary each time I come in...the ones I picked up today were $15.95 for rubber heel lifts, the same for combination heels.  The pair I dropped off he quoted $19.95 for rubber lifts, and I have paid as much as $25 for...
I almost never buy anything on ebay, but I bought a pair of AE Brookwood tassel loafers last night...look like Graysons, only the "laces" are braided.  I wonder when these went out of production.  I don't have a burning need for another brown loafer...just got Saratogas the other day, but the price was right, and I figured...what the heck.
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