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I would say that the only way you could make that shoe work would be to make it VERY obvious that you meant to wear gray shoes, they are not faded or otherwise abused black shoes...how you would do that is a mystery to me. Not AE's best effort...
That's the beauty of wool...if you air it out most odors will go away.  My understanding is that dry cleaning only attacks oil-based stains anyway, and won't remove ass funk or other body odor.  I hand-wash my odd trousers in cold water and woolite, then press with a steam iron and pressing cloth(to keep them from getting shiny)...Suit pants and jackets get drycleaned together, so if there is any fading, they will fade together.  
I'm 6ft 1 inch tall, knocking on 250, and I think I'd look like the bad guy in an old movie if I wore a vest...   There's also a guy in my office who has cornered the market on vests...little tiny guy who freely concedes that he wears a 3 piece suit so he doesn't have to iron shirts...I'd get heckled mercilessly for copying him.
AE for sure, they just fit me better.  I truly wish Johnston and Murphy had more of a Made-in-USA presence, because I prefer my Crown Aristocrafts and Aristocrafts to AE and Alden as far as all-day comfort.     My calf Aldens seem to be hard to polish, too...the finish seems to dry out and almost get scaly, more readily than any other calf I've dealt with.  I'm meticulous about conditioning and polishing, and I don't have that issue with any other brand.  I wonder if...
Those hit the trifecta...kilts, tassels and broguing.  They bring back fond memories of my first Allen Edmonds I bought around 1988 or so...Arlington is the model name, slip on wingtip toe, enormous  kilt and tassels...I will say they could be a smidge "fussy" for some people but I like the look.
Awful looking things, they remind me of the Levi's pseudo-denim interiors AMC put in some Jeeps in the mid 70s.
I guess the big question is this...who gets more tail? You or the slobs?    I can't stand blue jeans, think they are terribly uncomfortable, so I wear khaki cotton trousers, I've done that since I was in college in the 80's.  I used to get razzed for overdressing, but the older I get, the less I hear about it.  You do have to be aware of your surroundings...wear fancy clothes to a biker bar and you'll likely get your ass beat.     My personal, self-imposed casual...
I'm in my 40s, 6 ft 1 inch, 245, 18 inch neck, 48R jacket, 40 inch waist pants,kinda barrel chested... thank heaven I have big shoulders so I can carry some weight without looking like Tweedle Dum.  To me, it's easier to dress-up well than to look good in more casual clothing...a chubby guy can look good in a suit if it is cut well and happens to flatter his shape.     Another thing to consider is how a man moves...a still photo is a lot different than a video of a...
45, finally got a couple of pairs recently...AE Saratogas in a brown color, AE Brookwoods in Chili, and some store-brand from Bennie's in a light brown with contrasting(darker) laces and tassels, I think they are made by FootJoy, 1970s-era, I think.  
I guess I could have written that last line differently...I was referring to it being OK within the deathcare trade, but I suspect it would raise eyebrows in a "normal" setting.
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