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Cracked Pepper. It's a 44 but I'm a little smaller then that so it's a little bit oversized.    
Cracked pepper. Sorry the fit pics are shitty. It's a 44, I'm a little smaller so it's a little oversized on me.      
Need a pair of black side zip boots for an eu40. Budget of maybe 350-500. Suggestions?
Nov 11th.  
I got my fishtail a few weeks ago. However, I ordered real early..
Not sure if you said, but do you plan to make a pair of all black jeans?
Eff living in res, fishtail is in the res mailroom and damn woman left the mailroom early. Have to wait until tomorrow  
Got my tracking num for my fishtail, wooo!!
Agreed, nights are getting cold in Waterloo as well. Surprised anyone at UWO (?) cops TOJ, lol.
  Fuck, saddened I missed this. ):  
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