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I find last 335 very roomy with boots/ derby shoes like Islay and Cardigan 4 built on.
Macc nice kop; never knew Quality shop do an  MTO service.
Those Beaulieus oozes confidence!!
Nice kop stevent.
Like your determination hoit.
 Ha Ha was in John Lobb factory shop in November 2011 and the only shoes during their sales and not any regular visits were:Arima, Lopez, Lynton and the Finedon which were sold for £200 but then they are loafers.
GMTOs everywhere Gianni in scotch grain calf and now Coniston oxblood cordovan.
 Lol; have you got a photoshop of it???
they look much more toned down than ruby judging from images from owners on styleforum.
 i would mostly wear them with grey flannels and navy chinos.
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