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10.5 and i will be all over it.very classy design me likey!
Holy Crap Ryden; Galway of the year .
Carmina saddle cordovan 973 boots on maiden voyage yesterday:
Oh noycee
luc13 where is photo taken.
Proxy is your safest bet if you can find someone trustworthy and you are happy with sizing unless you have plans of coming to Europe and catching a day return flight to paris and back. Even then no gurantees unless you have had the shoes put on 7day hold for sizing and collection. That colour is so appealing and i feel your desire for that shoe.
woot woot Roger; I need those 'BABIES' in my collection but shame size is too small. Will be kopped in no time and good luck with the sale.
most welcome Roger its truly stunning in flesh .ie the finishing.
@rogerp these saddle were an MTO I received just before christmas and decided to rock them today. Was ordered through Steveyoo of gentlemensfootwear last year.
Thanks dddreess.
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