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 Croquet at The Hurlingham ClubKent Wang white seersucker suitKent Wang white OCBD shirtKent Wang Bauhaus watchKent Wang white silk pocket squareKent Wang white handgrade sneakersKent Wang white linen socksThis collar looks weird. I've seen good cutaways, but there's something off about this one.
I won't be able to attend as I'll be at a friend's wedding, but our New York shop manager, Aaron (@mack11211), will be showing our wares.
My personal favorites, and the ones that I bring along when I travel. Though pocket squares really take up no space in your luggage, so you could easily pack 20 squares.        I love The Great Wave, but Edo Castle has similar colors and is just so detailed and fascinating.
 Kent Wang unstructured linen jacketKent Wang white OCBD shirtKent Wang Rickshaw Cart silk pocket squareKent Wang cream linen trousers (W. Bill 60149)Kent Wang custom patina penny loafer  I like this squareThe checks are a little big. It would be more subtle with a traditional shepherd's check. These shoulders are too padded
 Kent Wang black watch folding umbrella with whangee handle I think just some luxury grade stuff, price G and above. We're waiting on the swatchbooks to arrive. Around October 31. I just enabled backorders if you want to pre-pay for them now. If you've tried all that then it might be that your cuff holes are too narrow.
 Kent Wang polo shirt reviewed on Epochs:From first hand experience I can attest that the finish is superior to Sunspel & Ralph Lauren polos I’ve had in the past and equal to that of Fred Perry’s $100 Made-in-England tennis shirt. The polo also comes in a well chosen selection of colours ranging from impression­ist evoking pastels to the more autumnal greens, orange and Purple. Highly recommended.No, it wouldn't be possible as we have to make a large run of cuff links at a...
 Dismal expression at Dismaland Kent Wang unstructured navy corduroy suitKent Wang blue OCBD shirtKent Wang gold aviator sunglassesKent Wang The Starry Night pocket square Kent Wang blue linen socksKent Wang handgrade penny loafer  Nice umbrella. It deserves to be furled more neatly.  This is an interesting square but I feel it doesn't work with the outfit. Congratulations! I'm glad I had a chance to meet the both of you last year at the SF trunk show. What color would you...
  New suit swatch books:Guabello Four SeasonItalian Fall/Winter 2015 1Italian Fall/Winter 2015 2  No, those are some shoes that I found online, just to illustrate the color. I'm not a fan of the austerity brogue style, but if you like that patina, we can do a custom patina for you on the penny loafer. No plans to do so, but the aviators are a little narrower than the acetate frames.
More expensive fabrics would have limited demand (as they're more expensive) and increase inventory cost, so I won't be doing them. If you really want them, then just order it as MTM.
We now have the Guabello Four Season book. I'm thinking of doing:   TRG034 medium brown twill TRG043 medium grey pick-and-pick   From VBC Four Season:   TRV37 medium grey flannel, might also make an unstructured RTW jacket in this too
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