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I'm about to board my plane from London to San Francisco. I'll decide about the location of the dinner around Friday.      I'll be bringing both the Bauhaus and Art Deco watches.
  Entokuin in Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. Some Googling indicates it's by Hasegawa Tōhaku (1539-1610).   Not super minimal, but one of the most minimal (and colorful!) feudal era art that I've seen.
Thanks for the terms. I just did some more reading on them.   Do you think the Throne of Blood style is modern? Would that be anachronistic considering the setting is in the feudal era? I'm not sure it's strictly a fusuma-e as those look to be walls, as sliding doors typically have a slot for the 'handle'.   This Met catalog of their Motoyama exhibition has a good collection of fusuma-e and byobu-e. One of their explanations for the clouds is, "By dividing the scene...
The flannels we have are quite light weight, 270 g, same weight as our four season worsted wool. I don't find that they fit any snugger. If you're really concerned, add 0.5 or 1 cm at the shoulder, chest, and waist.
I just watched this recently, one of the best Kurosawa films (Seven Samurai bored me to tears).       The throne room walls are decorated in this fascinating style, a minimal representation of clouds. Probably with gold, though hard to tell in black and white.   Does anyone know more about this art style? Is there a name for it?     Gilded clouds seem to be a common motif in Japanese art, as seen in this folding screen, which I made into a pocket square.
I called La Urbana, Maven, and Beso and they all said they expect to be very busy Saturday night and don't take reservations for groups larger than 6. Are there any bigger restaurants/bars nearby?
Thanks. Yes, there's a display case back on all the watches. 
Ok, I'm going to make Crop 1. It'll be ready around Jan-Feb 2015—printing and handsewing pocket squares is a long, arduous process.
I think some people complained the pork was too fatty. I do think the pork doesn't taste nearly as good when it's cold. I'd prefer an even mix of bao.   Kent Wang Bauhaus watch, Baohaus bao. Next stop: get my eyebrows shaped at Browhaus.
After you place your order, we'll email you to ask what you prefer.
New Posts  All Forums: