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I'm afraid we can only do one lapel width for double-breasted, which is narrower than that as you can see in the photos. Jacket looks 1" too short. The general rule of thumb is that it should cover your butt completely. Waist looks waspish from the front but I'm betting it's pulling a lot across the back. Get a friend (or self-timer) to take a photo of your back. Wearing the tie clip that high is almost useless for keeping your tie under control, you're just showing off...
 Is this linen? Really nice variegated texture.  We can only do own width for double-breasted. For single-breasted we can do narrow, standard, and wide. 
 Kent Wang unstructured seersucker suitKent Wang linen/cotton shirtKent Wang geranium that I just planted on my balconyKent Wang Qianlong carpet pocket squareKent Wang Bauhaus watchKent Wang linen socksKent Wang handgrade penny loafer The pocket square is perfectly fine. It's mostly white, so it's kind of like a white linen in that it goes with any outfit, though a bit less so since it's not completely white. What is the design actually? A map? Jacket looks short, and the...
I thought it was Barcelona. I was just there last week.   southernstyle: I think this would be much better with different tie and pocket square. The outfit screams old South, so it'd be better if your accessories matched that aesthetic.
Tira: Nice fits on you and the lady. Where's this taken?   Boreal: Trouser color is too similar to the jacket. Jacket fits pretty well, maybe lower buttoning point, and I'd personally prefer softer shoulder. Actually, I think quite a few people in this thread have excessively padded shoulders. So either I'm right, or I'm just a soft shoulder extremist.
  Kent Wang navy trenchcoat Kent Wang linen/cotton shirt Kent Wang brown blue flower six-fold tie Kent Wang solid stick umbrella Kent Wang linen trousers Kent Wang linen socks Kent Wang handgrade penny loafer
Fleur-de-lis cuff links in Paris Kent Wang linen suit Kent Wang linen/cotton shirt Kent Wang Bauhaus watch Kent Wang lizard watch strap
Untipped grenadine is somewhat transparent, which is a little too weird for me.
  White linen pocket square, now available in 16”
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New Posts  All Forums: