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Kent Wang RTW trousers, mid grey wool $145, cotton khaki $125 Brown tweed herringbone sportcoat $495
I just read through that thread. None of those designs excite me. I prefer all wood. No metal, and definitely no plastic.
That Maloof chair is quite tame compared to the others I found. Rather sinuous, nouveau-esque even.   My search would be much easier if I accepted chairs with arms. What do you think of arms? I have only owned dining chairs without arms, and I believe most restaurants are the same. I'm afraid that they restrict movement, should you wish to turn your body to the side to speak. But allowing yourself to rest your arms on the seat arms is perhaps preferable or more...
I want to commission a bespoke six-person dining table and chairs. I've contacted a few local carpenters/woodworkers. To me, the mid-century style is the ideal balance of expressive while still understated.   For the chairs, I want upholstery only on the seat, none on the back. No arms.      Example 1. This is decent, but perhaps a bit too simple, not expressive enough. I don't like the half moon back rest.     Example 2. The molded wood might be hard to do,...
Then you'll like this map of Iceland.     It doesn't make for as good of a pocket square though.
At least until Christmas. Maybe even 2014.
I got Akesson's (France) Brazil, Amano (Utah) Dos Rios, Al Nassma (Dubai) camel milk. I picked them all up from Chocolate Covered in San Francisco; haven't really found a shop I like in London yet.
I'm bringing some single origin bars for the chocolate tasting.
Official page: Almeida Theatre, London Tue 3 Dec 2013 - Sat 25 Jan 2014   Starring Matt Smith of Doctor Who. "The show almost completely sold out within hours of Smith's involvement being revealed."   All tickets are currently sold out. "More tickets for American Psycho will be released on Thursday 5 December. If you’d like access to a 24 hour Priority Booking period before the tickets go on general sale on 6 December you can become an Almeida Member now for £50 –...
Kent Wang will be bringing a full range of nearly everything we sell, including a full size range of our benchgrade and handgrade shoes to try on for size. The only thing we won't be bringing is made-to-measure, but you can just go to our New York pop-up for that.
New Posts  All Forums: