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They're glued down, but you can rip them out. You probably don't want to wear it without any insole as this bottom surface would have tacky glue residue, but you could replace it with your own insole.
I like those colors. I've looked at a lot of other batiks before and this one is neater and cleaner.
I agree with this mostly, but it wouldn't be that inappropriate to get flap pockets. An odd jacket with flap pockets is not wrong; a lot of good RTW makers do it. Some people also just don't like the look of patch pockets. Yes, straight line. Not a curved line trying to follow the shoulder seam up to the collar and then back down.
Our web hosting company suffered an email outage from April 22-23. We're currently trying to retrieve the emails from this period. If you have not received a reply, please resend your email.  Suits are made in China. It takes about three weeks to produce and about one week to ship to the US.
To be clear, don't measure your body. Measure a pair of trousers that fit you well. We don't have a 37, so you can try 36 or 38. If you have large hips or thighs, then round up. Yes. It's hard to mess up measuring the shoulder but that's the most important measurement.
Only about 2% of our customers are size 34.   Measure a jacket that fits you fairly well and compare with our measurement chart.
Yes, we ship to Mexico quite often. We use USPS which tends to avoid customs duty.
No, but you can just order it through made-to-measure. Unstructured means no shoulder padding, no canvas. Lining is a different matter, but logically you would want half lined as well. Unstructured makes for a very soft front, so there will be more pulling there and won't lay as smoothly—canvas was invented for a reason. It's a more casual look. It's less of an issue with cotton and linen because they're naturally stiffer than wool.
It depends on your size, and whether the fabric is plain, striped, or checked, larger patterns requiring more fabric for pattern matching. Email us and we'll look it up.   But very generally, for most people, it's 3.5 m for a suit, 2.2 m for a jacket, 2.0 m for trousers.   For spring/summer, if you're alright with a softer, more casual look, consider unstructured (no canvas). The temperature difference between canvas and unstructured is greater than going from a four...
  Paisley & Argyle. They're ragdolls, a little over a year old, brother and sister. Paisley is the grey girl and Argyle is the black boy.
New Posts  All Forums: