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Cashmere sweaters will be available around Nov 30. Medium weight, 2-ply, $195
I prefer 35 cm (14"). Do you use different weight fabric for ties and pocket squares? It seems that ties should have thicker fabric while pocket squares should be light.
I thought with all that alcohol for sure some vendor's products was going to get spilled on.
Gianni, the colors of all your fabrics are very interesting and unique. Do you think it's because the producers in the past preferred different colors, or is it possible that the colors have faded in a certain way?
Did I meet dcg and indesertum? You should've worn name tags!We'll ghost ride the Rolls. I'm down for a SF or London trunk show.
I had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone, from "Senior Members" to new ones, and of course the vendors as well.   I'm in for the next one.
I always suggest 7004 for midnight blue, 7002 for black. Both are twills from the Basic collection and are $795 plus $45 for satin trimmings. There's no reason to choose any other fabrics. Herringbone has too much texture and is not appropriate for black tie. With a tuxedo, you don't want to mess around with unusual options. Just get the standard width lapels. Suspender buttons are fine with side adjusters.  The form states that the satin stripe on the trousers is $20, so...
15 minute video on how Wegner's The Chair is made
I prefer the darker version.  But the cord still looks too rustic for me. BTW, the Wishbone reminds me of ancient Chinese chairs.  
You can get measured without committing to buy. We'll keep your measurements on file for whenever you're ready.
New Posts  All Forums: