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    Kent Wang navy lightweight trenchcoat Kent Wang blue gingham linen/cotton shirt Kent Wang solid stick umbrella Kent Wang v3 black Bauhaus watch Kent Wang cordovan watch strap 3sixteen SL-130X jeans Kent Wang black minimal sneakers
     Kent Wang unstructured linen suit (W. Bill 60149) Kent Wang linen/cotton shirt Kent Wang The Great Wave pocket square Kent Wang handgrade penny loafer   Is this suit too bold? I feel like I'd be more comfortable with it if it was tan instead of cream.
Buttoning point is also a little high. I wear natural (no padding) shoulders most of the time, and I find a lot of the shoulders in this thread to be too structured, but yours is not bad at all compared to a lot of what I see. Still, if you're like me, and just can't stand heavy shoulders, then you'll probably never feel very comfortable in something like this.
  La Boheme at the Royal Opera House, one of my faves   Kent Wang unstructured blue linen jacket Kent Wang linen/cotton shirt Kent Wang aviator sunglasses (coming soon) Kent Wang brown with blue flower six-fold tie Kent Wang Rickshaw Cart pocket square Kent Wang blue linen socks Kent Wang handgrade penny loafer Bresser opera glasses (not pictured)
I'm working on a short guide on how to pick a pocket square. What do you think of the below:   Are you wearing a tie or scarf? If so, match your square to that.   If not, are you wearing a white shirt? If so, a white shirt is like a blank canvas so you can wear any color square.   If not, match the square to your shirt, e.g. blue square with blue shirt.   By match, I mean choose a similar color, like navy with medium blue, but not too similar, like navy with navy....
Yes. I'm on the fence about 3-roll-2, reserving it for heavy fabrics like tweed. Welcome back!
I'm Chinese. I'm already as tan as most white people will ever get.
      Kent Wang unstructured brown linen suit Kent Wang white stripe blue shirt Kent Wang The Garden of Earthly Delights silk pocket square Kent Wang handgrade penny loafer
 Kent Wang unstructured linen jacketKent Wang cream linen trousers (W. Bill 60149)Kent Wang linen/cotton shirtKent Wang Calamityware giant robot silk pocket squareKent Wang cream linen socksKent Wang handgrade penny loafer What leather is that? I like it, quite subtle for an exotic. Is this a knit tie? Great colors.
   We have these pindot ties. The fabric is not the exact same as the pocket squares, as they're woven, which is better as they have more texture than the printed fabrics we use for the fabric squares. No plans for bow ties any time soon.
New Posts  All Forums: