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  First day of linen, at Polesden Lacey garden   Kent Wang unstructured linen jacket Kent Wang OCBD shirt Kent Wang white linen pocket square Kent Wang tortoiseshell acetate sunglasses Kent Wang Bauhaus watch 3sixteen SL-130X jeans Kent Wang brown suede sneakers
 Nymans garden Kent Wang blue plaid suitKent Wang blue gingham shirtKent Wang cream plaid cashmere scarfKent Wang Carta Marina pocket squareKent Wang handgrade penny loaferKent Wang Bauhaus watch Either way is fine, whatever works for you. I think it's one of my most versatile squares.
 I think the high rise makes you look short, which I know you are not. Or maybe it's the way you're leaning forward and the crop doesn't show your whole body. But the outfit is great. I'll have to remember that. I've never been north of London though.
 First day of linen, at Polesden Lacey garden Kent Wang unstructured linen jacketKent Wang OCBD shirtKent Wang white linen pocket squareKent Wang tortoiseshell acetate sunglassesKent Wang Bauhaus watch3sixteen SL-130X jeansKent Wang brown suede sneakers The leather on these look fantastic. Who makes them?
 Folding umbrella blue pindot white $75   The swim shorts do indeed have a mesh lining.  Our shoe care guide.
The sleeves are the same width as my other jackets, which feels fine. Would making it wider for linen just cause even more wrinkling, as there would be more fabric to bunch up when I bend my arms?
  First day of linen, at Polesden Lacey garden   Kent Wang unstructured linen jacket Kent Wang OCBD shirt Kent Wang white linen pocket square Kent Wang tortoiseshell acetate sunglasses Kent Wang Bauhaus watch 3sixteen SL-130X jeans Kent Wang brown suede sneakers
 Light grey trousers $175 Slim fit, but if it doesn’t fit you perfectly, return it and we’ll make you a new custom trouser. Yes, should be arriving around March 25.
 Sencha tea $25 Sencha (Japanese for “steamed tea”) is a style of green tea. While most tea is roasted after harvest, sencha is steamed, preserving the green color and fresh flavor of the tea leaves. Located in the historic center of Kyoto, Ippodo Tea Co. has been blending tea for nearly three centuries. The small, family-owned business sources tea leaves from small farms in the surrounding Kyoto area. This region produces the highest quality tea in Japan, thanks to its...
New Marcoliani socksThe white has printed markers, not applied. I think it's a more minimal look that suits the white dial.Congratulations on your betrothal! We don't have any plans for another LA trunk show. The vast majority of our made-to-measure orders are done over the internet, with great success. We do all the work; no expertise needed on your part.  No, I'm afraid it's sold out. But we have an identical midnight blue.
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