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I've never had that problem myself, and have not had any other customers mention it. It can happen to any jacket from any maker, and as stated it occurs on even name brand fabrics like Gladson. Maybe try using one of those sweater shavers?
Satin is a weave. Our satin squares are silk.
 The navy ancient madder pocket square may fade into a navy jacket, but the burgundy one is certainly not a problem. I don't believe this. I always wear a pocket square with a jacket.
They're all on the suit page, under the Fabrics section.
  They're here! Seersucker jacket $495, seersucker trousers $175
7086 from Classic 1
New York pop up shop WV and WO are both wool.
We can only make 3-roll-2.5, not 3-roll-2.0.   If you really want 3-roll-2.0, you could either press the lapels on a 3-roll-2.5, or order a 2 button and sew on an extra button.
  Seersucker jacket $495, seersucker trousers $175     Our 3-roll-2 is made as a what you could call 3-roll-2.5. I find that terminology odd as a 3-roll-2.0 that does not show the top button seems pointless. I believe all 3-roll-2 should be made as 3-roll-2.5. Therefore I only use the term 3-roll-2 and refuse to acknowledge the existence or possibility of a 3-roll-2.0 by using the term 3-roll-2.5.   The picture of my own custom jacket has only two buttons and flap...
Niyi Okuboyejo in a Kent Wang suit101050 fabric, unstructured construction, no shoulder padding, standard lapel width
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