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7.5 in our shoes.
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I want to hire one or two artists to work on pocket square designs. Pay will be per piece, from $300-1000 depending on complexity. I have dozens of ideas in the pipeline so ideally if we can keep costs low, I can give you a lot of work.   Requirements Able to produce digital files, preferably in vector, but depending on the project, scanned work in raster may be ok Timely, professional, good communication. Able to make revisions at least once a week. Send a...
    Edo Castle pocket square at Edo Castle Kent Wang tweed suit (fabric discontinued), unstructured, no shoulder padding Kent Wang stripe white blue shirt Kent Wang Edo Castle silk pocket square Kent Wang cream plaid cashmere scarf Kent Wang tortoiseshell acetate sunglasses (coming soon) Kent Wang Bauhaus watch Kent Wang handgrade penny loafer
I used to wear AE Park Avenue but got sick of how bulbous the toe looks. If you think you may have this problem, it would save you money in the long run to get the last that you like.    
I'm going to Tokyo and want to have a look at these shops. They have so many locations. Is there a specific 'flagship' location for each one? Or maybe menswear flagship?
I just want to clarify that there's about 100 fabrics at price level A. More swatch books are listed on the suit page. And of course if you want a more expensive fabric, you only need to pay the difference.
Kent Wang London trunk show We can do this for the benchgrade but there will be a $100 custom charge, and it'll take about 3 months. A variety of suede is available, but only a limited selection of calf. Email sales@kentwang.com Have a look at the new English Fall/Winter book
 Not real life, but TR7107 navy wool/cashmere 335 g, 3-roll-2, wide peak lapels, no shoulder padding, leather buttons
New Posts  All Forums: