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No, it would be quite expensive to maintain several different models. But you could always buy these and have them altered. Would be very easy. They're being packed up at the shoemaker as we speak, so we should have them around Nov 30.
It depends on the weight of the fabric. The fairly light weight white linen pocket square I have is 12" (30 cm), though I also offer them as 16" (41 cm) for the occasional customer that likes bigger squares. I've never found it to be too stiff; even when I first started making and wearing pocket squares. Certainly there are heavier weight linen that I do find to be too stiff and heavy. In the above video that pocketsquareguy posted, the guy says he likes 33 cm (13").
    The existing two colorways, cat navy and cat burgundy   New colorways under consideration:   1 - orange grey   2 - blue green   3 - orange yellow green   4 - orange purple   5 - orange blue   6 - purple yellow teal
What happened to the name tags? I must have met many elite members without knowing.
No, I'm afraid those are sold out. I'll be bringing a credit card reader and will also accept cash. I'd like to see some magic tricks with handkerchiefs.
I have a bunch of prints that I want to put on my wall.     Currently I've been getting them printed on paper and framed with glass. Even with museum glass there's a bit of glare. (I'll be selling these art prints through my website soon)     Would it be better if I just mount the prints without a frame, like the above from Flickr Wall Art (scroll down to "Premium Photo Mount")? It looks more minimal, and is probably cheaper too.   This could be done with glass...
I'll bring a sample of our shoes and minimal sneakers.        
I try to avoid commenting on new products as it can be very unpredictable how long it will take for them to arrive. Let's say there will be a new knit tie in 2-10 weeks and a new six-fold tie in 3-6 months. 
Currently available designs.
Smaller squares leave less of a bulge in the pocket. In December I will have some larger sized versions available for those that prefer that.
New Posts  All Forums: