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It seems tricky to get the tabs or mini suspenders at just the right height.   I'm going to try doing this with a vest that I have.
The benchgrade shoes are made in Vietnam, the handgrade shoes are made in Laos. Asia is the only place where handmade shoes can still be made affordably.     Suspenders $75   Suspenders are the best way to hold up your trousers, as they always hold the trousers at the same height and prevent them from sliding down. They also take the pressure off the waist and lower back.   Braid fasteners are lighter and less bulky than the more common leather...
Ah yes, I've heard about these tabs for cummerbunds, the idea being to prevent it from riding up. But a vest would actually hold up the trousers, too. Is that how it works for the one in your photo? Interesting that they're not elastic, as suspenders always have a bit of elastic.
Now that I think about it, it's similar to what women do with stockings.  Just unbutton the mini suspenders in the front, take off your trousers, then unbutton the mini suspenders in the back. Do the reverse when putting them on. When wearing a three-piece suit, the only time one would take off the vest would be at home, at the end of the day.
Here's a crazy idea: instead of wearing suspenders under a vest, would it be possible to sew six buttons on the inside of the vest, a few inches above where the trouser suspender buttons are sewn, and then link them together with mini-suspenders? The mini-suspenders would just be about 4" long and could be elastic.   This would be much less bulky, and the weight of your trousers is distributed throughout the width of the shoulders of the vest, instead of just two...
No, I'm afraid that fabric's sold out.This the benchgrade plaintoe (all the benchgrade are the same last) compared with the Alden Plaza last, which is pretty similar to AE.
No shoulder padding, no canvas.   Charcoal suit clearance, $420 for jacket, $595 for suit, $200 off usual price of $795
We used to lose money shipping a pair of cuff links for $3 to Canada. Now we charge $5.
That's correct. Previously, the unstructured jackets were made on our benchgrade production line, which also omits some handwork like on the button stitching and buttonholes, so this warranted a $70 discount. Now we make the unstructured jackets on the handgrade production line, with all the same handwork as on all our other full canvas jackets, so we no longer have the $70 discount.
New Posts  All Forums: