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    The existing two colorways, cat navy and cat burgundy   New colorways under consideration:   1 - orange grey   2 - blue green   3 - orange yellow green   4 - orange purple   5 - orange blue   6 - purple yellow teal
What happened to the name tags? I must have met many elite members without knowing.
No, I'm afraid those are sold out. I'll be bringing a credit card reader and will also accept cash. I'd like to see some magic tricks with handkerchiefs.
I have a bunch of prints that I want to put on my wall.     Currently I've been getting them printed on paper and framed with glass. Even with museum glass there's a bit of glare. (I'll be selling these art prints through my website soon)     Would it be better if I just mount the prints without a frame, like the above from Flickr Wall Art (scroll down to "Premium Photo Mount")? It looks more minimal, and is probably cheaper too.   This could be done with glass...
I'll bring a sample of our shoes and minimal sneakers.        
I try to avoid commenting on new products as it can be very unpredictable how long it will take for them to arrive. Let's say there will be a new knit tie in 2-10 weeks and a new six-fold tie in 3-6 months. 
Currently available designs.
Smaller squares leave less of a bulge in the pocket. In December I will have some larger sized versions available for those that prefer that.
Fok: I have a bar of single origin chocolate to give you. This offer is only available in person.
11. Round up if you're in between sizes.
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