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I love how the white flecks in the donegal disappear at a distance
I wear the same size, 8.5, in Allen Edmonds Park Avenue as I do in my shoes. So I think our size 7.5 has the best chance of fitting you.     New grenadine ties: bicolor burgundy/black, buff, yellow
Pearl Brewery, San Antonio Me:Kent Wang unstructured khaki suit, standard width lapelKent Wang stripe white blue shirtKent Wang brown cashmere tieKent Wang Rickshaw Cart pocket squareKent Wang Bauhaus watchKent Wang custom patina penny loafer @Claghorn:Kent Wang flannel suit, VBC fabric TRV44 olive grey flannel, soft canvas, wide lapel, no shoulder paddingKent Wang Bayeux Tapestry pocket square (coming soon) Try a more spread shirt collar so that the tips lay under the...
  DC Lewis shoes are retailed exclusively at Kent Wang, as our handgrade line
We want to make a Kickstarter for a watch project and need someone that can create the entire page, especially the video. This is a freelance project, not a job, but if you do well we have more content projects that need to be worked on.   www.kentwang.com Email: gigs@kentwang.com
 Yes, have a look a the style options formYes, you can order them now. No. We don't do sales or discounts. We believe it's better to have one low price for everyone at all times. Other stores artificially inflate retail prices so they can offer discounts later—we don't. There's no need to wait for a sale, our prices are low year-round.
Some things we'll be showing:   Grey flannel unstructured jacket $495. You really have to try this on to see how light and soft it feels.   Tiger hickory umbrellas $225
  In Paris Street; Rainy Day, perhaps the most prominent painting of a man holding an open umbrella, the main figure is holding the handle so that it is mostly pointing away from him. It is difficult to discern the handle direction of the other figures.   Photo of @squalortoballer   I had naturally assumed that it should point left, when holding it in my right hand, as that would present less of an obstacle if I were to run into something or someone in front of...
Try Cocchi Americano Rosa. I find it good for cocktails, quite tannic. As for drinking on its own, not so great, similar to Cocchi Americano. I do love Cocchi Vermouth di Torino. I find their Barrolo Chinoto a little too medicinal.
 Tiger hickory umbrellas We had them all ready to go but had some problems with the buckles, so now we're waiting on these super premium buckles from Italy. Hopefully they'll be ready in another month, but hard to say.
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