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More expensive fabrics would have limited demand (as they're more expensive) and increase inventory cost, so I won't be doing them. If you really want them, then just order it as MTM.
We now have the Guabello Four Season book. I'm thinking of doing:   TRG034 medium brown twill TRG043 medium grey pick-and-pick   From VBC Four Season:   TRV37 medium grey flannel, might also make an unstructured RTW jacket in this too
 Le Neptune François silk pocket square $45 I probably won't be adding any sneaker colors for another six months. Do you mean oxblood like these:    Not yet. We might be able to send them out in 2 months, but we're in the middle of deciding this.
They behave (fold) very similarly, so you only need one. Linen is the more traditional choice, and I sell plain white linen pocket squares for $20.
 Aviator sunglasses $55Hard to say, maybe December. The buffalo have to go through puberty first. Around November 20.
They're Mazzucchelli CR-39 polarized lenses.   I started selling pocket squares on Style Forum eight years ago and have been slowly adding different products since then. I wanted to make sunglasses, and at an affordable price, because I lose them so often. Your purchase will help subsidize my forgetfulness.
  Cocktails in the City   Kent Wang unstructured linen jacket Kent Wang blue linen trousers Kent Wang tortoiseshell sunglasses Kent Wang blue gingham linen/cotton shirt Kent Wang The Starry Night pocket square Kent Wang blue linen socks Kent Wang handgrade penny loafer
      I'm currently making these two styles, an acetate frame and an aviator.   What style should I add next? Maybe another acetate frame, but more rectangular shape?
Congrats to the winner, @hookem12387. Excellent extended haiku from LA Guy.
A fairly unusual knit pattern.   That half windsor knot makes me rage.
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