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All shirts have the same fit.
Yeah, we don't get as good of a price on seersucker since we don't buy as much as the wool. We charge a very low price for the quality of wool that we use. We have only ever turned away one customer because his chest was too broad and he was a pro NFL player, so I'm confident we can fit you for MTM.
You can see the prices on the bottom of the suit page. The seersucker is A price range, but minus $50 for unstructured and plus $20 half lining, so that'll be $560 for a jacket, $745 for a suit. The RTW jacket will be $495, since we save some money doing a RTW run. There probably will not be RTW seersucker trousers. The chest is a difficult measurement to take as it slides around. We usually end of narrowing it slightly for most MTM customers, though of course we can also...
The linen natural pocket square will be restocked around March 31.
Ok, it's decided. 3-roll-2, patch side pockets, welted chest pocket, front darts.Sorry, we can only do up to size 46, and that would be MTM only.  Yes, I'll have a solid navy (it's actually black and navy) along with the traditional dark blue and white. You can see me wearing both in the first post.
I almost always wear mine as a suit, but sometimes I do wear it as odd jacket or trousers.   The knees on my seersucker trousers bag a bit (I think it's because seersucker is a fairly thin fabric), so it's possible that the jacket pockets would too if you put a lot of stuff in them regularly. I actually keep my sewn shut.   Patch pockets are slightly heavier as it's an extra layer of fabric and would therefore be very slightly warmer.
I'm making seersucker sportcoats soon. What is the ideal configuration?    Patch pockets? I think almost everyone makes seersucker jackets with flap pockets, even though most people only wear the jacket and not as a full suit. Why is this? Is there some sort of tradition for flap pockets with seersucker?    2 button or 3-roll-2? I like 3-roll-2 for tweed but prefer 2 button for something clean and lightweight.   It should definitely be unstructured. Canvas and fusing...
Email us. You can take it to your tailor and we'll cover the cost of repair. That's the 7121 nailhead from the Basic 1 book.
For all measurements we go by diameter, not circumference. The armhole on the size 36 jacket is around 4.75" diameter or 9.5" circumference. The most we can do is -2 cm (-1 cm armhole plus another -1 cm from reducing the bicep), which results in 4" diameter, 8" circumference, which is certainly very small. A few very thin customers have found this comfortable but many others find this too high.   If you compare to other slim brands like Ralph Lauren Black Label, Brooks...
Can you email mtm@kentwang.com? I'll look into what happened.    We usually upgrade shipping for free if there's any delay.
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