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Wow, I never heard of Jerez Quina before and I love sherry. Are there any sites in the EU that sell it? I live in London.   Speaking of Spanish vermouths, I just got a bottle of Lacuesta. Fantastic, kind of orange tasting, but not fake-orange like Aperol, and not too expensive.
I was actually disappointed by the level of peacocking in previous years. I thought we'd get some Pitti-level shit.
How roasted is your genmaicha? This hojicha is mad roasted. Like maybe it's too roasted for some people; it's in your face. Well, we must compare.
Loose leaf is easy. I'll give you one of these tea strainers. I just added this hojicha, which tastes similar to genmaicha, except without the rice bits.  
What's the deal with tea? I also sell Japanese sencha tea. Would you guys be able to brew it?    
 Croquet at The Hurlingham ClubKent Wang white seersucker suitKent Wang white OCBD shirtKent Wang Bauhaus watchKent Wang white silk pocket squareKent Wang white handgrade sneakersKent Wang white linen socksThis collar looks weird. I've seen good cutaways, but there's something off about this one.
I won't be able to attend as I'll be at a friend's wedding, but our New York shop manager, Aaron (@mack11211), will be showing our wares.
My personal favorites, and the ones that I bring along when I travel. Though pocket squares really take up no space in your luggage, so you could easily pack 20 squares.        I love The Great Wave, but Edo Castle has similar colors and is just so detailed and fascinating.
 Kent Wang unstructured linen jacketKent Wang white OCBD shirtKent Wang Rickshaw Cart silk pocket squareKent Wang cream linen trousers (W. Bill 60149)Kent Wang custom patina penny loafer  I like this squareThe checks are a little big. It would be more subtle with a traditional shepherd's check. These shoulders are too padded
 Kent Wang black watch folding umbrella with whangee handle I think just some luxury grade stuff, price G and above. We're waiting on the swatchbooks to arrive. Around October 31. I just enabled backorders if you want to pre-pay for them now. If you've tried all that then it might be that your cuff holes are too narrow.
New Posts  All Forums: