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 Kent Wang unstructured linen jacketKent Wang cream linen trousers (W. Bill 60149)Kent Wang linen/cotton shirtKent Wang Calamityware giant robot silk pocket squareKent Wang cream linen socksKent Wang handgrade penny loafer What leather is that? I like it, quite subtle for an exotic. Is this a knit tie? Great colors.
   We have these pindot ties. The fabric is not the exact same as the pocket squares, as they're woven, which is better as they have more texture than the printed fabrics we use for the fabric squares. No plans for bow ties any time soon.
What other shades of grey do people want? A shade darker than the current light grey TR7086, so a mid grey? I'm considering: TR7098 mid grey twillTR7122 mid grey pick-and-pick  Might do the 7146 brown twill. Maybe in 4 months. Charcoal is not very popular for odd trousers as most people wear that as a suit.
I don't like designs that just take a pattern and then flip and mirror it across 4 sides, like a kaleidoscope.   £295 is the highest price I've ever seen. I would imagine (or hope) that most of that money is going to the artist. In that case, you could consider it like any print you would buy from an artist.
Yes, it's a four season fabric, 270 g, but all our four season fabrics are on the lighter side, say compared to what you would get at a British tailor.
Trouser measurement table. Just measure and compare against a pair you own.   I've tweaked the measurements on these over thousands of made-to-measure customers. They are mid-rise. Only 5% of MTM customers ask for higher rise, 1% ask for lower, most keep it as is. With the slimness of the leg (measured at the thigh), 5% ask for looser thigh, 3% ask for narrower thigh. The seat measurement (across the widest part of the hips) sees more variation, with 15% asking for...
What does it say on the Royal Mail website? They may have more info.   You could also call USPS and they may be able to give you more information. Rarely, though. They pretty much have the same info as the public website, but once I had a shipment that had a vague description like yours and they said when I called that they were able to see it was in customs.   Also, Registered Mail may have small delays and be tracked differently, as it has to be signed by an employee...
  4 new pocket squares 10 pocket squares available in 17" The Great Wave available in wool/silk
I don't believe in hand-sewn for the sake of it being hand-sewn. Hand-sewn is better looking as it hides the thread. Of course not all hand-sewn is the same: #3 is wavy and not as smooth and straight as #2.
Gus, I've been planning a similar photo comparison. You read my mind! I think hand-sewn edges are absolutely a big deal. The stitching is visible when you wear it. It's a bigger deal than say, hand-rolled ties, as those edges are on the underside of the tie and not visible when worn.   You mean 1 & 4 are clearly machine stitched? These are made by a machine that does both the rolling and the stitching, but the machine is only capable of making a stitch that leaves the...
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