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Shoehorns may be back in stock around February.       Bicolor red / burgundy knit tie $75
Sterling silver and malachite cuff links $55 I'm afraid overcoats won't be ready for this winter in London. Maybe next year. Unless you're a size 36. Then I do have one of those. We have tracking on almost all shipments. Only small shipments that fit into an envelope, which would just be pocket squares, don't have tracking. Email sales@kentwang.com if you're missing tracking. I also have low instep and low arch and all the shoes fit me well. But most people that have high...
 Deerskin gloves black touchscreen $95The palm side (including thumb) is calf leather treated with nanotechnology to be responsive to touchscreen devices, such as phones and tablets. This unique touchscreen leather is only available in black.The back side is deerskin, the best leather for gloves. It does not develop wrinkles like soft leathers such as lamb and capeskin, while still having a smooth texture appropriate for wearing with a suit.It's a pretty big difference. If...
Yes, there's a full range of polos to try on to determine your size.
  @barims wearing new prototype sunglasses, and my View of Edo wall print. Of all the art I have hanging on my walls, this is by far my favorite. There is so much detail in it, I can stare at it for hours. If you want to buy a print of this or Shinagawa, Shah Jahan shamsa, or Le Neptune Francois, email sales@kentwang.com
Precisely.   Hojicha tea $15 Hojicha (Japanese for “roast tea”) is a style of green tea. The leaves are heavily roasted at harvest, instead of steamed like sencha. The roasting temperature is much higher than with other Asian teas, turning the leaves brown, while also reducing astringency and caffeine content. The long roasting process imparts rich, nutty, earthy flavors with hints of barley and smoke. When brewed, hojicha gives off a heady roasted aroma, similar to...
I love how the white flecks in the donegal disappear at a distance
I wear the same size, 8.5, in Allen Edmonds Park Avenue as I do in my shoes. So I think our size 7.5 has the best chance of fitting you.     New grenadine ties: bicolor burgundy/black, buff, yellow
Pearl Brewery, San Antonio Me:Kent Wang unstructured khaki suit, standard width lapelKent Wang stripe white blue shirtKent Wang brown cashmere tieKent Wang Rickshaw Cart pocket squareKent Wang Bauhaus watchKent Wang custom patina penny loafer @Claghorn:Kent Wang flannel suit, VBC fabric TRV44 olive grey flannel, soft canvas, wide lapel, no shoulder paddingKent Wang Bayeux Tapestry pocket square (coming soon) Try a more spread shirt collar so that the tips lay under the...
  DC Lewis shoes are retailed exclusively at Kent Wang, as our handgrade line
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