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  4 new pocket squares 10 pocket squares available in 17" The Great Wave available in wool/silk
I don't believe in hand-sewn for the sake of it being hand-sewn. Hand-sewn is better looking as it hides the thread. Of course not all hand-sewn is the same: #3 is wavy and not as smooth and straight as #2.
Gus, I've been planning a similar photo comparison. You read my mind! I think hand-sewn edges are absolutely a big deal. The stitching is visible when you wear it. It's a bigger deal than say, hand-rolled ties, as those edges are on the underside of the tie and not visible when worn.   You mean 1 & 4 are clearly machine stitched? These are made by a machine that does both the rolling and the stitching, but the machine is only capable of making a stitch that leaves the...
Rickshaw Cart pocket square $45  You have to email them for pricing. You can also look at the Harrisons website. I think neither one is absolutely complete. It's humble in the sense that it doesn't have wood paneling and mid-century teak furniture, though I'm working on the latter. I'm happy to meet all customers.
White linen with purple edge pocket square  The plans for a spring trunk show have fallen through, mostly because the euro is weak and I'd rather spend my money drinking sherry in Spain than lambic beer in America. Maybe there'll be a San Francisco trunk show in the fall. We'll send you a free pair. Just email sales@kentwang.com.
 New spring/summer suit swatches:Italian Spring/Summer Luxury 1Italian Spring/Summer Luxury 2Italian Spring/Summer Luxury SolidsWe can now order for CMT: W. Bill, Harrisons of Edinburgh, H Lesser, Porter & Harding, Lear Browne & Dunsford directly from their agents Merino Brothers.Look through their website to see what you like. They may be able to send you swatches. Tell us which fabric you want and we'll order it for you. Email us and we'll let you know how much fabric...
 Dark green pindot six-fold tie $85   All the Canadian customers that we've heard back from have told us they have not had to pay any duty. USPS (which delivers through Canada Post) is much less aggressive than UPS/FedEx about collecting duty. Even if you factor in shipping costs and the current exchange rate, I'm sure our suits are much better than anything comparably priced in Canada. They're currently stuck in customs. Hopefully should be released soon. Unfortunately,...
As a big fan of ukiyo-e, I'd love to see a full picture of the Finamore square with the Japanese design. I don't see it on your website.
Mustache completes the military look
I started a thread on lapel flowers a while back. I believe in real flowers.
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