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    I have this set of floor to ceiling windows in my living room. The view is unimpressive; just of the building across the street. I want to let in light while maintaining privacy. I installed one privacy film in the lower right window as a test. It seems to let in more light than even a very thin curtain.   Does this look good? Should I install the film across all the windows or leave the bottom two untouched? My cats enjoy looking out the bottom windows, and if I...
 It's always best to rely on our website photos. They're professionally photographed and edited on a calibrated monitor.  End of March.
The spring/summer selection will be mostly new fabrics. I don't wear braces myself though I'm thinking about trying it soon. So when that happens I might introduce braces. Maybe in six months.
 No. I'm not a huge fan of them; I just wear sportcoats most of the time. Maybe in the distant future. It will continue to run indefinitely. There were a lot of backorders that were filled so only a few left. The next restock is Jan 31.
    Art Deco watch $450   As a long-time fan of Art Deco, I am very proud to have designed this.
Email sales@kentwang.com and we'll get you a replacement pair or refund. I've been wearing my pair of gloves for two years now without any noticeable wear.
  Cashmere sweaters have arrived. All questions are answered on the website.
I thought this forum was filled with American Psycho scholars that would not hesitate to fly to London to see this.
Did you haul the rug from one shop to another? Did you have to pay for appraisal?   I found another UK company that makes custom rugs and for a 6 x 9' 100% wool rug they quoted me £3500 ($5664). Is this a reasonable price that you would spend on a new rug?
There'll be plenty of stock of the sweaters, but not very much of the tweed jacket left. We only have a bit of the tweed fabric remaining. I, too, prefer to keep things in production instead of constantly changing designs every season, but it's not always possible.
New Posts  All Forums: