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 Kent Wang unstructured navy corduroy suitKent Wang white OCBD shirtKent Wang Jacobean Laton pocket squareKent Wang linen trousersKent Wang blue suede Venetian loaferThis selvedge denim tie is genius!
The weather in my apartment. Ha!
I meant to post this in the main WAYWRN thread. D'oh. Here's a more casual one:  Kent Wang unstructured navy corduroy suitKent Wang white OCBD shirtKent Wang Jacobean Laton pocket squareKent Wang linen trousersKent Wang blue suede Venetian loafer
  Kent Wang mid grey tweed unstructured suitKent Wang linen/cotton shirtKent Wang brown cashmere tieKent Wang Lod Mosaic silk pocket squareKent Wang gold tie clipKent Wang handgrade penny loaferCool tie. Nice madder-like colors.
  Kent Wang mid grey tweed unstructured suitKent Wang linen/cotton shirtKent Wang brown cashmere tieKent Wang Lod Mosaic silk pocket squareKent Wang gold tie clipKent Wang handgrade penny loafer edit: I meant to post this in the main WAYWRN thread. D'oh.Cool square. Do you have a photo of the whole thing?
I'm working on these designs. Most are unfinished, but I'd like to see which are popular so I can decide which are worth finishing. Most are low resolution images; I'd get a high resolution one when we print.    Brussels Ommegang 1   Brussels Ommegang 2   Tea ceremony     Flower vase   Bacchus 1     Bacchus 2   Elephant     Très Riches Heures 2   Peacock   Along the River 1   Butterflies 1   Butterflies 2   Egyptian...
Spoo: Do you sort yours by color?
 They're called historiated initials. I've looked at some of these before. The illuminated manuscript ones are the coolest, but the samples you posted are not very detailed.   This B has more detail, but unfortunately is not square, and like many illuminated manuscripts shows some damage. I could potentially hire an artist to redraw it so that it fits into a square better.  The Book of Kells Chi Rho is not a historiated initial but is spectacular. A modern artist has...
 Lapel flower $10. New color: purpleA flower worn in the lapel, also known as a boutonnière, was common—even de rigueuer—until the 1960s. If you don’t have a live flower on hand, wear one of these hand-folded paper flowers instead. The cashmere scarves are made in China, where most of the world's cashmere goats live. Decades ago Europe may have had a technological advantage in spinning cashmere fiber, but that is no longer the case as the German spinning machines are sold...
Shoehorns may be back in stock around February.       Bicolor red / burgundy knit tie $75
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