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      Kent Wang blue plaid unstructured suit Kent Wang white poplin shirt Kent Wang purple linen tie Kent Wang Star chart Cellarius pocket square Kent Wang rose gold tie clip Kent Wang purple guilloché enamel cuff links Kent Wang navy linen socks Kent Wang handgrade penny loafer
Stag hunt wool/silk pocket square $65A typical English hunting scene with deer, pheasants, squirrels, rabbits, fowl, and hunting dogs, surrounded by woodland flora. Wool/silk has a soft, luxurious feel and a dry, matte finish with desaturated colors. The fabric is loosely woven so that it appears slightly translucent when laid flat, but this is not noticeable when worn. No they haven't changed. I removed the 'heavy' descriptor as a number of customers were turned off by...
18 x 12" is currently $74. Price depends on size. Prices may go up in the future as this is just a pilot program. We can currently do:   Shinagawa Kabuki Soga Goro Shah Jahan Shamsa View of Edo Carta Marina East Indies Ortellius East Indies Willem Blaeu Primavera Neptune Francois   Email sales@kentwang.com for details
 Poll: Some pocket square designs I'm working on, part 3 Unlikely at the moment, but you can always look at the Huddersfield website or the Merino Bros (Hong Kong agents for Huddersfield and others) website. I know Merino Bros is happy to ship swatches, but not sure about Huddersfield. Let me know how it turns out if you contact Huddersfield. It's our new OCBD2 style. We're transitioning all our RTW OCBD shirts to this collar, which has longer collar points and more of a...
  Kent Wang mid grey tweed unstructured suitKent Wang linen/cotton shirtKent Wang brown cashmere tieKent Wang Lod Mosaic silk pocket squareKent Wang gold tie clipKent Wang handgrade penny loafer Here's the final word on gorge: Only the standard lapel width has a gorge that can be adjusted: standard and high. The wide lapel and double-breasted are already at a standard height. Any higher or lower and it would look too extreme.  Impressions are important, and indeed it is...
 Kent Wang unstructured navy corduroy suitKent Wang white OCBD shirtKent Wang Jacobean Laton pocket squareKent Wang linen trousersKent Wang blue suede Venetian loaferThis selvedge denim tie is genius!
The weather in my apartment. Ha!
I meant to post this in the main WAYWRN thread. D'oh. Here's a more casual one:  Kent Wang unstructured navy corduroy suitKent Wang white OCBD shirtKent Wang Jacobean Laton pocket squareKent Wang linen trousersKent Wang blue suede Venetian loafer
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