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Black captoe balmoral - by popular request
Are there any shoes that are inappropriate for flat laces? Boots, maybe chukkas? I tried flat unwaxed laces on my 2 eyelet brown suede chukka boots and am ambivalent about the results.
USPS recently instituted zone-based pricing so shipments to nearby destinations like Texas are cheaper than to say, New York. Unfortunately our shopping cart software is unable to take this into account and just assumes a single national price. On some packages we lose money, on some we save some money. All totaled, we certainly lose money.   Shipping rates are extremely complex. For example, a 1 oz pocket square costs less to ship than a 0.4 oz cuff link because the...
I called around and took the following notes:   A long sole is the full sole, half sole is just replacing the part that contacts the ground, not the waist.   Koko's £89 long sole, £31 half sole, £11 for postage one way, if you don't want to go to their several locations outside central London. Someone posted that they do central London pickup, but I called and they said no.   John Rushton £85 long sole   James Taylor £111 long sole   Tony's, as recommended by The...
Due to an excessive amount of lost packages, we've recently disabled first class shipping to Germany and Singapore, along with Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Malaysia.   All shipping rates increase every year, in line with USPS rates. We don't make a profit on shipping—in fact, we take a loss.
We've lost so many packages that I've disabled first class shipping to Germany all together. Singapore, too. These are modern, efficient countries, what's the problem?   USPS Priority seems to be fairly reliable though it's still unclear to me how that works in the scheme of international EMS. I know USPS Express is EMS, but what is Priority exactly? 
 Kent Wang blue linen suitKent Wang linen/cotton shirtKent Wang Jacobean Laton pocket squareKent Wang dark brown captoe—my loafers are at the cobbler Wow, that's a really unusual seersucker. Do you know which mill makes it? The outfit looks good. Peak lapel on seersucker is kind of strange though.
I'm able to show different parts of the square at the 12" size. The major advantage of a smaller square is that it leaves less of a bulge.  16" original design silk squares will cost $65 instead of $45, and I'm only going to do them when I sell enough of the 16" white linen to prove there is enough of a market for them. So far I have only sold one, so it's not so looking good.
The white linen pocket square is now available in 16". If enough people buy it then I'll make some of the other popular designs in 16" as well. I personally never have a problem with my pocket squares falling down. If anything, occasionally they ride up and have to be pushed back down. What fold do you do? For silks, I just do puff and stuff it straight down; I don't do puff and roll.
Interesting history about your father, Carl. I have a funny image in my head of him in a suit and Lobbs running an Army Navy surplus shop.
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