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We're already in contact with Timmbo and fJab17 about their orders. Timmbo we've offered compensation and fJab17 we're remaking the trousers.   These posts represent less than 1% of our orders; satisfied customers rarely bother to post.    We use a computerized cutting system so it's consistent every time. If we already have your measurements on file then any future order will be the same. Of course any problems that may occur we will fix at our cost.
Your Le Corbusier book is too tiny. You need this one:  
I'm looking into the matter. Our MTM director, Aaron has been handling these orders. Our usual practice has always been to either correct errors at our expense or offer compensation. We make many suits every week, so these two cases are very rare examples. With hundreds of suits made over the last two years, we have never had a customer that was ultimately dissatisfied, as can be seen throughout the history of this thread. No, I think we have enough black shoes. End of March.
You can't see in the above photo, but often there are people working in the windows opposite. If I can see them, they can see me.Do you mean like a one-way reflective film? I'm starting to think that would be the best option as although the view is unimpressive, being able to see a larger space outside makes the living room feel less claustrophobic. I had initially thought the frosted film I got would be better as the reflective film may be darker (though the difference...
I like to have privacy at nearly all times, so I would just have the curtains drawn 95% of the time.
    I have this set of floor to ceiling windows in my living room. The view is unimpressive; just of the building across the street. I want to let in light while maintaining privacy. I installed one privacy film in the lower right window as a test. It seems to let in more light than even a very thin curtain.   Does this look good? Should I install the film across all the windows or leave the bottom two untouched? My cats enjoy looking out the bottom windows, and if I...
 It's always best to rely on our website photos. They're professionally photographed and edited on a calibrated monitor.  End of March.
The spring/summer selection will be mostly new fabrics. I don't wear braces myself though I'm thinking about trying it soon. So when that happens I might introduce braces. Maybe in six months.
 No. I'm not a huge fan of them; I just wear sportcoats most of the time. Maybe in the distant future. It will continue to run indefinitely. There were a lot of backorders that were filled so only a few left. The next restock is Jan 31.
    Art Deco watch $450   As a long-time fan of Art Deco, I am very proud to have designed this.
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