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The title of each image has the fabric number, e.g. TRE1092.
Pretty close to the Bulldog. If you're particular about the length, then the outseam is the measurement you want to look at.
Hopefully we'll have the trial pieces ready around October 31. All the latest news is posted on our Tumblr.
I find 100% linen socks to wear even cooler than cotton.
 Yes, 100% silk.  I'm not really sold on wool/silk. The definition doesn't seem as crisp. I might try it in the future.  I'm into all eras, but I actually prefer illustration and crisp colors such as with Mughal 1 and Months. I find paintings can often look like a blur when folded. Of course Primavera and Neptune are exceptions, so hard to say what will catch my eye.  The best Van Gogh pocket square would be Starry Night, especially if you crop to show just the sky and...
I'm working on these designs. Most are unfinished, but I'd like to see which are popular so I can decide which are worth finishing.   Jerusalem - Text will be removed   Leo Belgicus - Higher resolution image would be obtained   Months - White parts would be filled in   Mughal 1   Neptune - Blending on top border would be fixed   Primavera - This is pretty much finished   Many more original silk pocket squares on my website
The price for wool is skyrocketing, so this will be affecting all suitmakers. The price increase mostly affects the more expensive fabrics. Effective August 15 so you still have time to get in an order. No, but of course you can have any sole added by a cobbler.
I suggest B. Nelson in New York, or if you have a local cobbler then that's fine too. All the benchgrade are on the same last.
We can do size 6.5 on the benchgrade as a special order. Please email sales@kentwang.com
Oh yeah, Fall/Winter fabrics are here, along with the new VBC Four Seasons book.   Keep up with the latest news on my Tumblr.
New Posts  All Forums: