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     I will be bringing mostly accessories like pocket squares, ties, cuff links and a few samples of sized items like jackets, rugby shirts, shoes.         We'll still have our New York pop-up shop open if you want to see more or get fitted for made-to-measure.
I'm giving away a free pocket square to everyone that comes! Have your pick of any of the squares at the trunk show. First come, first served.   If you'd like to be fitted for made-to-measure or anything that requires more of my attention, please come earlier and RSVP through our website. The meetup times of Saturday 6-8 pm will be more for browsing and buying simple things.   Any suggestions for the dinner? The venue is in The Haight, so something within walking...
The edges are printed and then we roll them up
Are you emailing sales@kentwang.com? We haven't received any emails about that. But sorry, no, we don't have any more of these. I might bring one in size 39, but not sure. It depends on how much we can pack, and we won't really know until a day before the trunk show. It's probably best if you just order online.
    Kent Wang is pleased to donate a pair of our new swim shorts. They feature adjustable tabs at the sides, instead of the usual unsightly elastic waistband.
  I saw this in action once and it seemed to be fairly effective. The idea is that you wrap the snag around the wizard, and then thread the wizard through the fabric. I'm not sure how durable it would be or if the snag would just pull out again. Would it be better to just snip the snag off?
   Berkeley Square, linen head-to-toeKent Wang horn sunglasses (coming soon)Kent Wang light blue linen suitKent Wang linen/cotton blue gingham check shirtKent Wang Shamsa Shah Jahan silk pocket square (coming soon)Kent Wang Art Deco watchKent Wang blue linen socksKent Wang handgrade penny loafer, custom tan colorPresidential Wow, are those purple flannel trousers? Looks great, especially with suede brogues.
No, but there's a San Francisco trunk show soon.  
The lightweight trenchcoat will not be restocked.  Half canvas, can be double-breasted or single, and about a dozen other options you can customize. I'm hoping to have the trial coats in late October or early November. They will be at the New York shop. Plaintoe Sept 30Other benchgrade shoes Nov 15Handgrade shoes Dec 15
The title of each image has the fabric number, e.g. TRE1092.
New Posts  All Forums: