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Yes, a dark brown herringbone from Abraham Moon. It'll be ready around October.
 Have you tried the 13" wool/silk? Maybe. What colors do you have in mind?
I'm thinking about making my own, but I'd like some ideas on how this would be made.
Chelsea Flower Show Kent Wang tortoiseshell keyhole sunglasses (50 mm)  Kent Wang light blue linen unstructured jacket  Kent Wang blue stripe white linen/cotton shirt  Kent Wang Primavera silk pocket square  Kent Wang cream linen trousers (W. Bill 60149)  Kent Wang cream linen socks  Kent Wang handgrade penny loafer 
The 5 winners of the cuff link giveaway have been contacted. If you didn't get an email, then I'm afraid you did not sufficiently exhibit the Confucian virtues of humanity and filial piety and thus were not favored by heaven.     Warwick B. wearing Kent Wang grey rugby shirt
Style Forum staff are going to randomly select the winner. Hopefully they'll do so soon.     Kent Wang grey polo shirt Kent Wang white handgrade sneaker
That sounds like an unusual amount of shrinkage, or that it was cut defectively. In either case, email sales@kentwang.com and we'll replace it.
If there's an unusual amount of shrinkage, just email us (sales@kentwang.com) and we'll replace it.   We stand behind all our products.
Beachbum Berry's Latitude 29 tiki bar, New OrleansKent Wang khaki suitKent Wang linen/cotton bengal stripe shirtKent Wang Bauhaus v4 watchKent Wang cordovan watch strapKent Wang malachite cuff links  Yes. Just email mtm@kentwang.com and we'll look up the price.
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