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I'm going to Tokyo and want to have a look at these shops. They have so many locations. Is there a specific 'flagship' location for each one? Or maybe menswear flagship?
I just want to clarify that there's about 100 fabrics at price level A. More swatch books are listed on the suit page. And of course if you want a more expensive fabric, you only need to pay the difference.
Kent Wang London trunk show We can do this for the benchgrade but there will be a $100 custom charge, and it'll take about 3 months. A variety of suede is available, but only a limited selection of calf. Email sales@kentwang.com Have a look at the new English Fall/Winter book
 Not real life, but TR7107 navy wool/cashmere 335 g, 3-roll-2, wide peak lapels, no shoulder padding, leather buttons
Only if I sell a lot of them in 13". If you want to prepay and wait around 3 months, then we can make one up just for you. Email sales@kentwang.com
Let's put it another way, how much are you willing to pay for wool/silk? Currently silk is $45 for 13", and $65 for 17". Would you pay $65 for 13" wool/silk, and $85 for 17"?
I'm working on these designs. Most are unfinished, but I'd like to see which are popular so I can decide which are worth finishing. Most are low resolution images; I'd get a high resolution one when we print. Some are photos from books; I would get a proper image from the museum.   Isfahan mosque - maybe I can make different colorways   Book of Iskander - I'd patch up the damaged parts, but it won't be perfect   Mughal elephant   Mughal battle...
Yes, for both forward and reverse pleats.
Yes, that's how I order all my own suits. I have the navy nailhead and grey nailhead both made up like that.
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