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Unfortunately I can't attend this year but Aaron will be manning the Kent Wang booth like last year.
Airbnb is great especially for big groups. That would be cool, Style Forum Airbnb party pad.
This is one of your best fitting jackets
Sorry I just found this discussion on navy seersucker and washable suits. I've written a bit about washing unstructured cotton seersucker suits on my blog.  The RTW navy seersucker I have on my website is from Solbiati, but I can't get any more of this fabric. I would love to find another source of it. Please contact me if any of you find it. I heard from their UK agent about three years ago that Solbiati is now defunct, having been sold to Loro Piana. They may have been...
That's the same reason we moved to a Victorian house in the suburbs of London. I don't regret it a bit. Beautiful place. I'll try to gather some photos of my place at some point.
 A friend’s summer wedding in BulgariaKent Wang made-to-measure suit, Gladson wool/silk/linen T310310, unstructured, no shoulder padding, standard width lapel, mother of pearl buttonsKent Wang tortoiseshell keyhole sunglasses (50 mm) Kent Wang black shepherd’s check six-fold tie Kent Wang Star chart Cellarius pocket squareKent Wang rose gold tie clip Kent Wang bengal stripe linen/cotton shirtKent Wang Bauhaus v4 watchKent Wang cordovan watch strapKent Wang handgrade penny...
 Kent Wang tortoiseshell keyhole sunglasses (50 mm) Kent Wang grey polo shirt They're on the way to us, so any day now. Email to be notified. Maybe, if people buy more braces! My approach to expanding product categories has always been to add new items very slowly, depending on demand. Braces will be like that, one at a time. Just curious, do you keep your braces on your trousers or do you change them out each day depending on your outfit?
Pindot burgundy suspenders $75Suspenders are the best way to hold up your trousers, as they always hold the trousers at the same height and prevent them from sliding down. They also take the pressure off the waist and lower back.  Around September 1.  No, the inventory cost of carrying different lengths is too great. I suggest you use our made-to-measure service. You could order a 38R, see how it fits, send us photos, and we'll figure out exactly how much length to...
18, the darkest brown.
Yes, a dark brown herringbone from Abraham Moon. It'll be ready around October.
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