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If there's an unusual amount of shrinkage, just email us (sales@kentwang.com) and we'll replace it.   We stand behind all our products.
Beachbum Berry's Latitude 29 tiki bar, New OrleansKent Wang khaki suitKent Wang linen/cotton bengal stripe shirtKent Wang Bauhaus v4 watchKent Wang cordovan watch strapKent Wang malachite cuff links  Yes. Just email mtm@kentwang.com and we'll look up the price.
 Clear acetate keyhole sunglasses $55, also available in black and tortoiseshellThe keyhole design is a classic shape, named after the keyhole-shaped gap between the bridge and nosepads.While most eyewear frames are made of plastic and have a seam all around the edges from the injection mold, our sunglasses are made from blocks of cellulose acetate that are carved into their final shape. This process gives the frames greater flexibility, durability, and clarity.  Yes, you...
Hiring for London
We are looking to hire an entry level employee that can work on a variety of marketing and research tasks. The hire will be working directly with Kent Wang in London.   Job details Our website
I wrote an extensive article about unstructured jackets. Anyone interested in linen should have a read.
It's a fairly sturdy blend. But I never have durability problems with pants. I think the weight is more important here.  It seems that if your office is casual enough to accept a green jacket, then they can accept a wrinkled linen one. 
  6.5 oz / 200 g is light and comfortable. I have two 100% linen suits like that (see above) and I wear them all the time. Wool/silk/linen might be a little different, maybe fewer creases.
We're currently looking at some options from Drapers. In the meantime:  How about this Gladson Alazar, which may actually be made by Drapers, since Gladson is a merchant that sources from other mills. In the back of this photo, you can see our Gladson Spring/Summer 201 book. I'm having this same blend made up in navy (310310). Price is only CL1, $995 for a suit, $765 for a jacket. I'm afraid we can't do custom leathers. We already have some of the handgrade penny loafers...
  [[SPOILER]]  Kent Wang unstructured navy corduroy jacket, no shoulder paddingKent Wang blue stripe white linen/cotton shirtKent Wang tortoiseshell keyhole sunglasses (50 mm)Kent Wang navy shepherd’s check six-fold tieKent Wang Star chart Cellarius pocket squareKent Wang brushed silver tie clipKent Wang lapis lazuli cuff linksKent Wang Bauhaus v4 watchKent Wang cordovan watch strapKent Wang mid grey flannel trousersMarcoliani navy cashmere socksKent Wang handgrade penny...
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