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Sorry, MTM is not workable with our current production process. Not a fan of this. March. Email sales@kentwang.com and we'll notify you
That actually looks quite nice.  I am considering new colors. Any other suggestions?
Pocket bags is the correct term. Unfortunately this is not something we can do, but you could take it to a tailor have them remove the pocket bags. That would be a cheap and easy alteration. A bit nitpicky, in my opinion.Correct
Yes, I'm afraid so. You'd be surprised at how important the pockets are to the appearance of the trousers.
Sorry to hear that. Yes, any dry cleaner can fix that. Email us at sales@kentwang.com and we'll cover the cost.
That's a great photo! Remember, you can send in photos for $20 store credit. Sometimes it's nice to have a square not contrast so much.
Undarted (aka sack) jacket is available for all MTM. It's not currently listed on the options form but just mention it in email. Yes, you can use Saphir Renovateur on all leathers. It's downright magical.
Unfortunately I can't attend this year but Aaron will be manning the Kent Wang booth like last year.
Airbnb is great especially for big groups. That would be cool, Style Forum Airbnb party pad.
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