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 A tweed with no canvas is soft, less stiff, more comfortable. Personal preference. And it's less warm, more breathable, so you don't get so hot when you go from cold outside to warm indoors, and suitable for spring and fall.
It very much depends on the fabric. For linen or cotton, you should do unstructured. But if you only want to consider soft canvas or standard, then soft is the better choice.
  whtebkgrnd, an artist who specializes in this style     'Saved By The Bell' Pop-Up cafe in Chicago open since June 2016, and still seems to be open!
Those shoulders look great on you. I only suggest unstructured shoulders for casual fabrics like tweed and linen, which is what I wear 90% of the time. For your fabric, soft was the right choice.Late April. Email and we'll notify you when they're in stock.
April 15. Email and we'll notify you. You should send in this photo for $20 store credit. I try to avoid paintings, especially dark ones. This photo is more vibrant. Maybe it could work. I'll think about it. I also avoid anything overtly religious.
We're now suggesting hopsack for blazers/sportcoats. This available as MTM. Just email
The charcoal trial suit comes in 46, and we can make all made-to-measure up to that size.
 Don't forget, you can submit photos for $20 store credit As soon as possible! It's always good to get your outfit taken care of well ahead of your wedding, and wear it a few times to see if anything needs adjustment. If you lose weight, you can always have it altered—a tailor can easily take in the waist.
Are you familiar with the rapper Bus Driver? April. Email and we'll notify you.
No, I'm afraid we can't get any more of that fabric. It was a favorite of mine. Hmm, haven't really thought of brown. Maybe. We can also print these on fine art paper
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