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 Don't forget, you can submit photos for $20 store credit As soon as possible! It's always good to get your outfit taken care of well ahead of your wedding, and wear it a few times to see if anything needs adjustment. If you lose weight, you can always have it altered—a tailor can easily take in the waist.
Are you familiar with the rapper Bus Driver? April. Email and we'll notify you.
No, I'm afraid we can't get any more of that fabric. It was a favorite of mine. Hmm, haven't really thought of brown. Maybe. We can also print these on fine art paper
Sorry, MTM is not workable with our current production process. Not a fan of this. March. Email and we'll notify you
That actually looks quite nice.  I am considering new colors. Any other suggestions?
Pocket bags is the correct term. Unfortunately this is not something we can do, but you could take it to a tailor have them remove the pocket bags. That would be a cheap and easy alteration. A bit nitpicky, in my opinion.Correct
Yes, I'm afraid so. You'd be surprised at how important the pockets are to the appearance of the trousers.
Sorry to hear that. Yes, any dry cleaner can fix that. Email us at and we'll cover the cost.
That's a great photo! Remember, you can send in photos for $20 store credit. Sometimes it's nice to have a square not contrast so much.
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