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New with all tags; original slim fit. 30 shipped
Pair of APC New Standards in great condition. Worn for 1 month, no washes 28 waist 29 length   Pics available upon request
Buying levis 520 and 508 in dark washes, 30 waist 30 inseam. Please message me the wash; I will buy new and old pairs. (Price posted is just a benchmark)
Looking for the OLD version of jack purcells that has "jack purcell" written on the tongue. Please indicate condition of the shoe I will adjust price from there.
In BRAND NEW condition; worn for a few hours. Size down 2-3 from your original waist size. Will ship immediately the next day.
Worn less than 10 times, in great condition. Hemmed to 28.5" inseam.
Yeah, I definitely had a GREAT experience with them for my initial two orders in January. They not only contacted me through e-mail to confirm items immediately, but also answered the phone every time I called within hours. When things took a turn for this order, I was incredibly surprised; the lack of service this time around clashed against their pristine record.  I expected nothing but the best from them; I've lowered my expectations but would still like my card to be...
Just a heads up, suddenlee's service seems to have gone way down recently. On my order three of the items were the wrong style/color and one sweater was completely missing; the crazy part is that I was still charged for everything. I had linked them the size and colors too. I called about 8-9 times the last two days regarding a return; no one ever picked up or gave a call back. When I got an e-mail response, it was just a brief apology and return slip; I guess I will...
Worn for literally 2 days. No fades going on; bought for 140 new off Blue Owl. Great tapered fit and a very dark indigo in person. The weave goes in a left hand direction as opposed to right hand, making for a smooth feel that will fade great. Size down 2 from your normal tagged size for these; I wear a 30 in levis, 28 in APC NS, and 28 in weird guys.
Handcrafted leather belt from user Zissou, size 32. Will fit around a 30 waist. Brand new and extremely beautiful. I sized wrong, so my loss is your gain. Features a square roller, english edge and a keeper; great features and more sturdy than a tanner goods belt.   Message me ASAP
New Posts  All Forums: