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LOL got the aw14 one. I went to sleep after puting in a max bid. Did not expect to be this high...
Atelier is gone and not back yet (as far as I know). Physical stores that carry YY in NY are Barneys, Hotoveli, IF, Idol brooklyn, la garconne. 
I loved the show. Some print maybe a bit too much, but many were subtle enough and gorgeous. Also if you don't like prints, that's fine, many of these will be available in black wool gabardine without prints as well like always. The knits and the pullovers are my favorites.
I don't think there's any vintage shops for old yohji (at least I'm not aware of any), but for current season stuff it is atelier (closing soon), hotoveli and barneys NY. Also http://newyork.doverstreetmarket.com/ is opening tomorrow (saturday), which maybe interesting depending on your taste. Enjoy NY.
Maybe I'm just lucky but owned total of 4 and currently have 2 (ss13 sneaker, aw12 two buckle boots) and they held up just fine and took a good beating. I would definitely consider being more careful in future though.
@David I have the DRYY suit in 57/43 cotton/silk fabric and yes the fabric is truely amazing. The fabric ages beautifully over time with use. It's definitely one of my goto suits.
Quote:   IMHO, it's not something that's hard to pull off, I have long shirt/jacket in cotton/cupro blend (one from atelier) and the batwing arm is unique and amazing on movement. All the batwing arms are raglan shoulders I think and it drapes quite beautifully. It's also not that noticable when you stand still with your arms down btw. I wore mine today and loved it.   --------------- For last week or so, I visited Atelier and Hotoveli here in nyc to check out the new...
A picture taken last weekend when I visited Atelier New York (doing their client style thing). My facial expression looks weird but clothes look okay.   Reinhard Plank hat, Kuboraum glasses, Yohji Yamamoto long jacket, knit and pants. Onitsuka Tiger Sneakers     http://ateliernewyork.com/2013/04/24/client-style-no-19-matt-r/   And what I wore today. One of the best suits he has done IMO and one of the best I own as well. DR YY Suit in...
  I'm a US 9 in most shoes and I need 3 or 4 in yohji shoes. I highly doubt size 2 would fit us 9.
I am 5'9-10" and I go with size 2 on most items. I do have some size 3s and sometimes even 1s but mostly size 2. I never really had any problems with arm length either most arms are long enough if not too long. On my skinny frame, size 2 fits right in. I feel there is a difference in comfortable nonchalant oversized look and just potato sacks. Of course sizing depends on season, item etc.Your best bet is to try it on stores make a trip out of it, but if thats not possible...
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