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I'd go 32.  You seem like a slim build person.  
Is it possible to make the collar smaller? It goes up to my mid-ear when popped... a bit too high. It's a Schott, if it matters. I went to the tailor to get the back taken in a little bit, and the girl that works the cash register said they can't do it.  If they did, it'd be super expensive. The actual tailor only speaks Italian, so I couldn't really ask her.
Can anyone compare the sizing to Clarks DBs? Sorry for the revival.
How fitted should a shirt be in the back? I'm thinking I had them go too far... Anyone have pictures?
Has anyone else's DBs sole separated from the upper?  I've only had mine for 5-6 months now I've just noticed it on both boots.
I just read through this entire thread. Talk about too much free time.  
Would there be any issues with altering the length of a peacoat? I'm getting the Schott DU704i (pretty much a slim 740).  I'd like to shorten the overall length from 33" to 31" or 32".  
I'm buying a peacoat from Schott (DU753) with a "leather under collar trim" in oxford grey. Would it look weird to pop the collar? I just noticed how big the collar is, too.    A pic of the peacoat:
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