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If Torres gets fewer games than Hagelin then we'll know Shanahan has no clue what he's doing.
Asham's out for the rest of the first round. Shanahan's explanation for Neal's penalty is ridiculous..."transitioning from defense to offense" so he didn't mean to hit Couterier. Him leaving his skates was also to brace for an unexpected hit.
Bring the Nordiques back. My only reasoning is that they had cool jerseys.
Carkner gets one. Shanahan said that Hagelin having no prior history went into consideration for him getting a three-game suspension and turned around to say Carkner having a previous history (one instance in which he injured someone) went into consideration for him getting one game. I know their penalties were different, but it just seems a bit inconsistent.
I'll withhold my judgment until we see what Carkner and the Penguins crew get. I've got to say that I'm a little bit surprised that Hags got three.
Way too much goonery on the ice just now. This season is getting especially nasty. Let's hope the Rangers can turn it around tomorrow night!
I just google image searched "short hairstyles for men with thick hair" and took my pick from what I saw. The few that I played around with are these. I took the Brad Pitt one in to my stylsit for a while and the one I've used the last few times is the Jake Gyllenhaal picture. Keep in mind that it doesn't have to be exactly like the picture. I just use the picture as a guideline to show what I would normally be terrible at putting to words. Good luck!     A more...
I usually just lurk this thread, but I wanted to chime in. Based on your pictures it looks like our hair might be pretty similar. I could never get a cut that I liked until a few years ago when I got it pretty short on the sides with a bit more length on top and then thinned out all around. I've found that a cut like that lets the hair "grow in" without looking too poofy on the sides, which is what always happened to me before.
Up for sale is a Gitman Bros tuxedo shirt with black MOP buttons and french cuffs. Measurements are as follows:   Neck: 14.5 Sleeve: 32 Chest (pit to pit): 42   Asking $25.00 including shipping. Payment with PayPal, please. No returns.
Here is a Brooks Brothers 346 oxford shirt in blue/white stripe. The tag reads 16 1/2-23. It had a button collar. The measurements are as follows:   Neck: 16.5 Chest (pit to pit): 48 Sleeve (from pit): 18   Asking $10.00 with shipping included. Payment with PayPal, please. No returns.      
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