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For example https://www.drakes.com/ties/navy-mosaic-print-36oz-foulard-silk-tie?   Is this one considered 'ugly'?   What about this one https://www.drakes.com/ties/navy-medallion-printed-silk-tie?
obviously calf.
Hi,   I've tried to search but this question may not have been brought up before:    How large are the patterns in a tie considered 'too large'?   I'm specifically thinking about 'foulard' patterns. How many times should the small patterns be repeated, say, at the widest point for it to be considered appropriate? If a tie has the pattern repeated only 4-5 times at the widest point (so 0.8" per pattern), is the pattern too large?   thanks
there're many suspicious ties on ebay. I'm tempted to buy a couple. they may be fake, but if the quality is there it's not a big problem. You can take off the label and voila you have a nice tie that's not fake.   depending on how much you've paid for it of course.
anyone cares to share his opinion?
As the title goes, I'm wondering how everyone compares the two.   Personally, I certainly like a full-length overcoat (preferably double-breasted as it drapes better) when it's cold. When the weather is a little cold for not wearing an additional layer but a bit too warm for overcoat, I'm not sure.   Do you think trench coats (in particular the classic, full-length double-breasted ones) make a person look old? I don't really see men wear them any more, only women wear...
Canali beige / khaki suit with peak lapels and duel vents   42R 52R price dropped to $299   http://www.ebay.com/itm/251889066947
Canali suit 42R (52R)   Khaki, peak lapel, 2-button, dual vents, flat front   Just lowered from 499 to 449   Also listed on the Selling section of SF (free postage).   http://www.ebay.com/itm/251873627723
Yes please.
Hi Charlie,   I'm interested in the Stratfield in 35mm. Will it be available soon?
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