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Feel the MTV generation...
Pilates is great for posture. More so than yoga. Also, try to improve your sleeping position. It might be the reason for your bad posture.
Quote: Originally Posted by oman i doubt it's too expensive, can't be more than $30-$60 More like $105 ;-)
Seems like a crazy guy who got a bad experience on eBay by buying an obviously fake Dunhill belt ( ) and now assumes that everything on eBay=FAKE FROM CHINA!! Wish you the best of luck
I voted too fast. Spread is great, cutaway is no way indeed. Wonder if there's something that can be done to put my vote into the no way category...
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi that cableknit looks authentic, and that tag is a Polo outlet store tag oh, and i'm not Indian, but Faizal doesn't strike me as an Indian name...could be more like an Arab name.... Faizal is probably more Pakistani/Malaysian/etc. than Arab.
The OP wasn't selfless. He was just afraid of taking a risk and buying the case before being able to resell it. That's his problem. Money making requires risk taking. His fear of buying (or lack of funds?) also made him break his word to an interested buyer.
Who would like to trade a BB1 for a BB0? I overestimated my sister's slimness... If I can't find a BB1 to trade the BB0 dress I have will be FS- PM me if interested.
It is indeed very normal to give a nice bottle of alcohol as a gift to your teacher. I did that many times in primary school, although looking back the gift were sent by my parents, not me, so if you are under 21 it is definitely impersonal since you couldn't have went to the store and bought it yourself. Other than that it is a better gift than chocolate. Get him a bottle of Disaronno- that's what I remember getting my grade 6 teacher back in the days
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