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Bottom line: The seller apologized and stated that he had no intention of hiding that they were branded differently. This goes back to the original seller's thread: where the original seller wrote "Gaziano & Girling 'Regent', these shoes have a bit of an odd sock liner in them, but they are most definitely G&G." Now it is understandable that Borelli wasn't as cautious as the original seller as he probably didn't care that...
Leaky roof possibility.
Quote: Originally Posted by mccvi For all those who said yes to pockets, for what on earth do you use them? Cellphone between calls, credit cards when expecting to pay, tips you're about to give, paper with phone number/address/notes/etc. Very useful for shirts worn without a jacket such as ocbds. EDIT: TLM beat me to it I see...
Quote: Originally Posted by mccvi Pocket, then no pocket... but "FAIL," never. "FAIL" is the worst stylistic expression I know. That's the internet jargon for ya
No pocket on OCBD=FAIL. But to each their own.
PM sent!
There's a very simple solution btw: wear a hat, cap, etc.
That story made me LOL. I'm balding as well but I do love it so you won't find me complaining.
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