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Seems pretty clear to me. You said business requires luck. I said no, it requires rationality. Edit: which can be obtained by becoming an engineer and studying philosophy for example
Yet a young man who wants to become a business man and who decides to go through an engineering program and to study philosophy and who becomes a huge industrialist is probably not as lucky as a man who made a business by pure luck yet the first guy is probably more successful and if I were him and someone came to me and said "dude you're so lucky look at how successful you are" I'd be pretty pissed. That and thinking that luck has any factor takes away from the real...
Quote: Originally Posted by Concordia Sorry I couldn't find the original quote, but here is some reporting from Alice Schroeder (Warren Buffett's biographer): Warren Buffet is extremely rational. He calculates every investment he makes and has a philosophy to which he sticks to. Saying he is a "creature of luck" about himself is simply a way of being humble.
How about calculate every step and make sure you follow them yet adjust when needed. Reason is a huge factor for success (I'd say it is THE factor) and I'm pretty sure no rational man would say that luck had any impact on his success.
I'd like to believe that luck doesn't play a role at all. If you base your success on luck don't be sad if it never happens.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano I didn't vote in the poal because I don't think there is one thing. If I think of most really successful people I know they combine hard work with excellence in at least one other area. Hard work is key, but lots of hard workers I know will work hard at a middling job for the rest of their careers. The people above me in my organization that I admire have the ability to quickly and clearly see and...
Oldboy as well.
If they apologize yes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fillmore Graves North by Northwest, w/Cary Grant Yup.
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