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Quote: Originally Posted by S. Paul Are you referring to a European version of Isaia? Although their shirts certainly are of a very high quality fabric and construction, the few that I have experienced in person in the States have not exactly been a slim cut. Perhaps not quite as full as many of the Brioni or Borelli shirts but definitely not a very slim cut. SP It probably depends on the model then as my experience is limited to US shirts...
Isaia is very slim fit and great quality.
Always give a counter offer. Never ignore offers as it implies ignoring potential buyers. My 2 cents.
French is one of Quebec's wealth. And Quebec is one of Canada's wealth. Both French and Quebec should be celebrated.
StyleForum Sellers Hall of Fame: Angelicboris SpooPoker Steven Aver Highly recommended sellers. Thank you for the great transactions! Also, BBC: great buyer. lightning fast payment. Thanks!
They do matter because good grades makes you proud and that's an achievement in and of itself.
Lacoste is the best polo in terms of quality. Great fabric, mother of pearl buttons and good fits. PRL have lower quality fabric that looses colour fast and unsightly plastic buttons. The choice for me is Lacoste. It just makes sense for casual wear and I've replaced my t-shirts by Lacoste polos.
Raking IMO: Steed Neapolitan Attolini Rubinacci Milanese Attolini
Looking sharp! Congrats
Looks cool.
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