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Lacoste is the best polo in terms of quality. Great fabric, mother of pearl buttons and good fits. PRL have lower quality fabric that looses colour fast and unsightly plastic buttons. The choice for me is Lacoste. It just makes sense for casual wear and I've replaced my t-shirts by Lacoste polos.
Raking IMO: Steed Neapolitan Attolini Rubinacci Milanese Attolini
Looking sharp! Congrats
Looks cool.
Part of the fun is experimenting. You never know until you try.
If it is a white cotton PS in a tv fold maybe. Depends how you pull it off and how it looks. PS on outerwear is not unseen.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek I don't know if your hypothesis would stand any scrutiny, but I definitely feel that high intelligence can be a handicap of sorts. Not to harp on the parenting thing again, but when you have really smart kids that absorb everything like a sponge and just "gets" whatever they're being taught, it's easy to avoid the still necessary parenting and allow them to develop shitty study habits that become extremely difficult to...
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero The difference between a successful apple picker and an unsuccessful apple picker is a fluency in Kierkegaard. How about applied philosophy? Perhaps one has a better intellectual approach to apple picking whether it is studied or not
Quote: Originally Posted by scarphe well thinmk wahtver ever you want, family and luck have served me more than any field of study. and i would venture to say in general that is the case. all the education and hard work cannot compare to meeeting certain people through either family and firend or by chance. the uneducated field worker, may have great idea and be hard worker, but what chances does he have of getting out of his day to day activities? when...
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero I can assure you studying philosophy is in all likelihood not a means to success or smart decisions that lead to "success." You are mistaken. Philosophy is the key to a successful life both professionally and personally. Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero "Business" as I meant it, implied the culture of sales, networking, and relationships that often leads to new business...
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