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Quote: Originally Posted by coolpapaboze I have a 2008, which is great for going in a straight line at a high rate of speed for an extended period of time. The problem with the car is driving around town, the transmission is never in the right gear. I understand with a huge car like this, to have sporty driving around town would probably result in 10mpg, but it's really just awful. At lower speeds, if you need to accelerate quickly, you generally get a...
You and your friends seem like terrible travellers. Next time you visit a new city post a thread before going or better yet buy a city guide. Montreal can be great, too bad you missed the fun.
Fill 3/4 of a cup with cold milk. Fill it up with cold water. Add one teaspoon of Nescafe Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of sugar. Mix vigorously.
size of oxfords? Edit: thanks for the edit. unfortunately they're too big. gl
Very positive experience with matt @ DeCaloFashion1. Fast shipping and high quality ties. Very accommodating seller with great communication and incredibly low prices.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek It makes me happy every time i encounter one of those high-powered hand dryers. Hands are dry in a fraction of the time. Bonus points when there is a door-less entry into the washroom. I saw a really weird hand dryer at Union Station in Toronto. Instead of a single nozzle, you have to put both of your hands down into a slit and there is a thin "blade" of air that is blasted on your hands, which you move up and down...
Based on looks I'd go with the GO. There are other Zeniths that look much better than this one though.
I'd say based on the pictures 3.25. Maybe 3.5 works as well, might want to try that.
Quote: Originally Posted by *Tee* Btw... what kind of bear bread do you own ? This kind:
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