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Charisma. He haz it.
Boxer briefs are the best.
Quote: Originally Posted by tooshay How come these are so cheap? Where's the catch?
how much is a fully loaded s350 in your part of the world?
I'd get the Skoda Superb and save for an S350 or 730Li or A7
I guess it depends on the colour you choose. If it is black or navy blue it won't look as boyracer-ish as a white or red one.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Is this a Hermes breast wallet on eBay? I believe it's an agenda...
Quote: Originally Posted by Patek Holy crap, just listen to it already! If it is running and there is no noise, throw it in the trash and chalk up $65 to "education". Don't listen to this guy. There are quartz hobnailed Pateks such as the 3944. This watch could be real, just take it to a jeweller to check the movement.
I would look at Knoll before deciding on Herman Miller.
The real problem is that he has low-to-no charisma.
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