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It is not very chilly in Tx
1. I wouldn't suggest Zara (quality, pencil thin lapels, short jackets) 2. I wouldn't suggest black (rather charcoal, black reads 'funeral' to me) 3. Denim couture sounds like a bad idea 4. Your height and body type dont dictate jacket size (mainly shoulder/chest fit are important, much can be tailored) 5. I suggest you just read these forums for a while, do your research. If not, you'll have many regrets in the future. I read a lot, and still have regrets!!!!!
Been a while since I've posted anything Pants are corduroy, and sportscoat is navy, in Japanese cotton twill Sorry for the terrible quality
Ooo I love it, how much would you let it go for? PM me if interested
I am pleased with jcrew's knit ties, but I do not own any of the iikes of Brioni. Basically I am of no help other than saying I enjoy them
  When I turn on the TV, I don't want to watch you sit at your desk all day.
Tonight started with the balvenie doublewood, then progressed to a few drams of ardbeg 10 year Ardbeg has really become my 'go-to' in the last week or so?
Purely excellent show. And last nights episode was amazing! (no spoilers) I did think his suits looked similar to Tom Ford's cuts
It has never given me any problems, with wearability, sweat, or anything.If I swim in it, I just take the strap off the watch that evening to dry flat. Even though I'm sure it would make no difference.
Here is my first auto diver, Sorry it is very 'poverty' compared to the pieces I have been seeing lately   Orient Mako w/NATO Even busted out the 'ol 50 for it
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