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Quote: Originally Posted by Vinnie Vegas I'll reply with something like "Oh, so I suppose I should dress like the mannequin from *insert whatever store they look like they shop at* instead?" Bow's response above I like. Referencing clothing brands in an insult on the other hand, I could see that backfiring. Telling someone they look like a BR ad might be knee-slapping material for SF Comedy Hour but is hardly a zing to rest of the world. ...
Travel, dining, then clothes. Travel is one thing I never feel splurging on. Even the cheap ass trips you slummed it on when you were poor student are fun and leave you with good memories, which is unfortunately more than you can usually say for the cheap ass clothes you bought during that same period of your life.
Quote: Originally Posted by westinghouse The easiest, most fail safe way to do it is to boil the ribs in water for 20 minutes than sear over hot coals until well done and crispy. No need to smoke ribs for hours unless you're from the deep south and fancy tradition. Just don't dare call your ribs barbecue. BBQ means slow cooked with smoke. Boilin' n Grillin' is not BBQ.
The most fashionable and clothing anal of my guy friends happens to be a federal agent and Marine, as well as the most physically intimidating of us. So in our circle, the fellas quickly learned long ago to refrain from faggy comments. One time at a dinner my wife was making fun of how much I shine my shoes which caused some other guys to laugh. The Captain overheard and scolded everyone, "What, you guys don't shine your shoes?!" Everyone shut up after that. It's the...
Also went for the low country madras. Annoying that it was $49 a few days ago and they jacked it up to $59 for the sale. Oh well... Picked up a few pairs of pants as well. Essex, broken-in chino, and essential. 30% off + free ship on top of the sales price.
They're JCrew for sure. JCrew invented woodsman-style laces. They also invented mocs, chambray, gingham, Indian madras, and tab collars, utility jackets, Levis blue jeans, and Timex watches.
Quote: Originally Posted by kryptix got a red chambray and selvage denim utility shirt, heres the pics: Great fit pics... any alterations done?
Purchased J.Crew cord jacket from cchoi5. Better than expected. He said NWT but it was actually in all the original packaging (online order) and everything. Fantastic - thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 This is short term thinking. There are a lot of business out there whose business model is largely designed to accommodate baby boomer tastes. They go after the boomers because there are more people in that age group AND most of the boomers are at the height of their earning power. However, it's all downhill from here. The boomers are just now starting to retire in ever increasing numbers. When people retire,...
If anything, LE is the only worthwhile company in the Sears Holdings portfolio. They don't break out the earnings and profits for each holding but its been acknowledged that LE saved Sears's ass in recent yrs.
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