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Quote: Originally Posted by AppleMan Looks ridiculous to wear a shirt that has one sleeve longer than the other. Was the shirt a Gordon Gartrell?
When I first clicked on the thread and saw the img along with the length of the post, I thought it must be some feedback about a poor experience. I read the thing only to find the OP hasn't even used the service before. Bit overdramatic, no?
Wow, talk about a nightmare story... I hope these weren't all new suits. If they are, why would you buy 5 suits when you're admittedly new to suiting. Then drop another $700 on alterations. Heck, if you posted a pic first people might have been able to tell if the suit was even the right size to begin with. If they're old suits, just have one altered to make what you're attempting is even going to work out. If this tailor is great, mention the name and place. I'm...
Quote: Originally Posted by nerazzurrri I have read nothing of this thread but LL.BEAN? seriously? People get fun of for wearing marc jacobs but ll bean? facepalm.jpg Agreed. It's ridiculous there's nothing in this LL Bean thread but stuff about LL Bean. icantbelieveitsnotbutterface.jpg
Quote: Originally Posted by kraftar Appleman, first we'd need to know what you wanted done... ^This...
The authentic fit actually has the narrower thighs but identical rise. The Gap website outlines the details of each fit. edit: Oops you're right. i was thinking of Std, not Straight. It goes Skinny, Straight, Boot, Authentic, Standard in order of general slimmitude.
Their fabric descriptions are extremely vague and probably intentionally so. The basic fabric that I have is almost certainly a poly blend or very cheap wool. Nothing more exciting than you might find from a mall brand suit. If there's another coupon or sale I might go for another cheap blazer as I have no need for full suits. I have an addiction for single button peak lapel blazers. Not very traditional but I like. Would I use them if I needed a good suit? Quite...
Quote: Originally Posted by whiteslashasian these idiots are just getting their fancy boats messed up .... How the hell did those whaling hippies get Batman's boat??
+1 on what brand the OP is wearing. I always found my fruit of the loom, hanes, and cheapo T's like had those billowy sleeves. Sizing down just made the shoulders not fit and length too short. T's always seemed like something it was hard to pay up for but I bit the bullet and bought a pack of Calvin Kleins at TJ Maxx (not exactly going high end, but a certainly step up from a generic 5-pak from Walmart) and voila, problem solved. Isn't the answer almost the same for...
I second Japadog... get the edamame bratwurst!
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