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Quote: Originally Posted by gianni The internet guy maybe 15% cheaper but he has just cost many US jobs! Pretty short-sighted. I'm all for American jobs, but in the grander scheme (which ultimately benefits everyone, including the US), we should be happy there's a need for bright, educated, creative, engineering and mathematically-inclined people to develop the Internets instead of more brainless sales associates at the mall.
I'm a fan of LE but the shoes are pretty bad. I've seen these in person. The uppers feels more like a cheap, cardboardy microfiber than suede even though it says it's actual leather. The rubber sole is more like plastic. Clarks arent that hard to find for much more than these.
These are the two forms of no-knot Topsiders. Not a fan of these though. These ones from JCrew are also no-knot but still have the laces. The elastic is hidden under the tongue.
Do you have the knot on the outside or on the inside? Alternatively, one could just get the laceless Topsiders. Not the ones with the huge elastic band (i.e. like laceless Purcells). Ugh... They have ones with laces but it's just cosmetic. The laces form an X on the top although the real function is from a hidden elastic band under the tongue. I guess that's not technically laceless.
Get some trees in them, clean and polish them. There's nothing you can spray on your shoes that will magically repair a night of clubbing damage. Besides, the point is to get the gunk off the shoes first, not seal in anything that's on there already. Or if you mean what can you do to protect them in the future, I think most ppl would suggest the same thing. Just care for them properly after the fact rather than treating them with some sort of protectant.
If you're worried about worms in salmon, then you probably shouldn't eat fish period. Salmon, tuna, and other darker-fleshed fish have less parasites than white-fleshed fish. Swordfish, cod, etc. In Kitchen Confidentials, Bourdain mentioned he was scared off from swordfish after a learning about the size of the worms that routinely infect that species. Parasites are a part of life and exist in everything from the fruit and veges we eat to meat and fish. Just buy...
I voted for burnished tan, although I think the classic AO in dark brown is most versatile.
Quote: Originally Posted by AppleMan Looks ridiculous to wear a shirt that has one sleeve longer than the other. Was the shirt a Gordon Gartrell?
When I first clicked on the thread and saw the img along with the length of the post, I thought it must be some feedback about a poor experience. I read the thing only to find the OP hasn't even used the service before. Bit overdramatic, no?
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