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I think basically you're asking if there's anything special about the box, like is it lined with cedar or have special coatings on the cardboard that repel foot funk, buff out scratches, and regenerate leather heels? Nope. It's just a cardboard shoebox like any other shoebox.
Quote: Originally Posted by Asherlc Most people would not shop for work at J Crew, and would not shop for their weekend wear at BR. The state of American business wear sucks so people intentionally shop at BR to look sucky? I don't think the relative "appropriateness" in style drives purchasing decisions between JC and BR. I would wager most BR customers shop there because they simply don't know any better about style. If they cared so much...
Let me get this straight, there are people on SF that can spend 12 hrs reading, debating, and posting about some guy's lapel roll... but "Hi, can I help you?" and "Ok, well let me know if I can help" is somehow unbearable?
Quote: Originally Posted by SouthPhillyMan What does join date have to do with reading this board and knowing what has been posted here? Think about that for a second then get back to me. So you're saying you have a good idea of what's been posted here? So you would also know that if you searched "Entourage suits", there's a good 9 pgs of results returned... and that most of the threads are about Ari's outfits in particular?
New items out for Fall... Selvedge chambray shirt, although presented in the most unflattering, staid manner. The knits seem interesting though.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheDroog What is mindblowing to me is BR's resistance to anything that resembles either fashion or style. It's in a clothing purgatory where everyone always wear a blue dress shirt and Gavin chinos with their shiny black shoes. I hope someone reinvents them, and fast. It's totally diff now. The blue shirt is slimmer. The gavin chinos recut. The black shoes, more blacker.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheDroog I would say yes, there was definitely an improvement at Gap beyond the resurgence of casual Americana. It started with Patrick Robinson getting hired 2 years back; as soon as he came on, Gap clothing started to slim down. Next came the "premium denim" line, which seems to be a big success, especially with women. They've rolled out plaid, military, and chambray items exactly as these items have become more popular...
"... but i did not shoot the deputatee!"
http://www.styleforum.net/showpost.p...7&postcount=31 I think someone beat you to the punch! Nice parody though
Quote: Originally Posted by Jay687 What the hell is the difference between Bowery and Essential Chinos? I called J.Crew... they just read off the same descriptions I see. The Essentials were lightly washed and are crisp two ply cotton twill. The Bowery are crisp compact cotton twill. Which is more formal, which is more casual? They clearly show the difference between say the Essential and Broken-In Chinos... but none with the Bowery. So what is...
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