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I will have to admit, girls seem to love the look.
Purchased a JCrew vest from freewilliee. Smooth transaction and was very helpful in answering questions. I think I had purchased from him before, but in any case, both transactions were great.
I feel like I've seen the black shirt with grey suit done well before... at least that's what I imagined in my head. Then I did some quick google-fu and this is what comes up. Does seem popular with the teenybop crowd. So yeah, I don't think I'll be rocking it.
Rugby or even the regular RL lines might have something like that. Although if it's actually school-specific, why wear something like that. A regular blue blazer is fine.
Late model Toyota Highlanders have 19" wheels with low profile (non-) performance tires. Not only are 19's not as common in general, but the particular tire size is only made by Toyo and Bridgestone... and not surprisingly, both suck. Low ratings and no warranty. They routinely go bare around 15k miles and cost $200/tire. It's mind-boggling that Toyota would put such rare and crappy tires on such a popular, mid-level SUV. Not to mention the fact that they use the same...
Viewpoints can often be extremely tainted by personal opinion and circumstantial experiences. For ex, your local JCrew doesn't carry any suits and therefore you see JCrew as a casual brand. The fact is they have remarkably similar demographics. Not the most comprehensive and accurate but gives a rough picture. http://www.quantcast.com/bananarepublic.com http://www.quantcast.com/jcrew.com compared to say something...
Have you had it tailored? The fit is amazing, especially how well it hugs the contour of the back and yet the vents lie pretty well too. You might be able to have those pockets sown down perhaps? If you're not happy with it and it's a 40, I'd be happy to take it off your hands!
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving What specifically makes the blazer casual? the narrow lapels? the contrast buttonholes? That blazer in particular is a corded cotton. It's like a seersucker with thinner stripes. Either unstructured or partially lined if I recall. I do have the pants in the material and style and debated the jacket to match. It's more like a shirt jacket, so it's not really a grey blazer in the sense that ppl might be...
I think basically you're asking if there's anything special about the box, like is it lined with cedar or have special coatings on the cardboard that repel foot funk, buff out scratches, and regenerate leather heels? Nope. It's just a cardboard shoebox like any other shoebox.
Quote: Originally Posted by Asherlc Most people would not shop for work at J Crew, and would not shop for their weekend wear at BR. The state of American business wear sucks so people intentionally shop at BR to look sucky? I don't think the relative "appropriateness" in style drives purchasing decisions between JC and BR. I would wager most BR customers shop there because they simply don't know any better about style. If they cared so much...
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