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The Indy's have stitching on the top and the overall style is so definitive that if they were inspired by the Indy's, they'd look like the Indy's. The first actually look more like a cross between the RW Iron Ranger and the plain toe Beckman. Although its basically just a ubiquitous blucher boot. Both boots are clearly inspired by the 9010/9011 Beckman. The last one based on the Wabasha chukka. LE CANVAS RED WING
Quote: Originally Posted by gomestar there was an article in the WSJ a little while ago about companies like Ford using the same tires on a Focus that Ferrari uses on their cars. I think it explained some of this but I don't recall much from the article. This might be the article you're referring to... it's the only reference to Ferrari and Ford Focus I could find on WSJ. The tires on a Camaro are the same as used on more exotic sports cars....
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff Good point. the roster is filled with people I don't even know thus I didn't even know miami had 8 guys in their frontcourt positions. Miami Heat 2010-11 Roster at this moment http://www.nba.com/heat/roster/ Who's the projected starter at center? Bosh has said he doesn't want to play C and according to him was an impt factor in deciding where to go. 7-3 Ilgauskas is the only true center. And it's...
In terms of chinos, I never really thought of odd pants in blue until I saw a pic in a catalog where a utility shirt was paired with navy chinos and suede bucks. I thought the look was smashing. Picked up a pair and realized they were just as versatile as dark denim, yet a bit dressier. Also I find they work better with various colored jackets than khaki or grey might.
^ nicely done. although what type of outwear would go well with that shirt-pant combo?
I would label shrink-wrap that doesn't come off unless cut as properly designed.
Quote: Originally Posted by dave333 http://canvas.landsend.com/pp/Laceup...6&origin=index I like the look of these boots as well, anyone tried em? Have not see LE Canvas shoes in person but the regular LE ones leave a lot to be desired. But I would not be surprised if those boots are decent as there's nothing the regular LE shoe lineup in that price range (excluding the AEs), and the Canvas line's quality is surprisingly good. For example,...
Quote: Originally Posted by dibadiba I dont particularly dislike the look...I think the look posted above with the grey bowtie is pretty cool. I like JGLevitt's style. Looking at that pic again, actually it's more of a dark taupe or grey than black shirt.
POLK HIGH! ALL-CITY. 4 touchdowns in one game! More serious though, this one from Gant seems pretty cool. Looks more vintage prep as opposed to "stuck in HS". http://www.blackbirdballard.com/Gant...avy_16582.html The guys from Street Ettiquette pull of these jackets pretty well too. You can probably find some examples on their blog.
Quote: Originally Posted by cncrd I have to reply to this, because I just had this dicussion with a client who asked the same thing. They're ostensibly that far off the floor for the same reason a lot of public restrooms use wall-hung toilets: so it's easier to clean under them and you don't get wads of crap collecting in the corners where the partitions meet the floor. Few other reasons: - so people can tell when a stall is occupied in case...
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