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BB five pocket slim chinos... avail in red but not orange.§ionsize=#
We should email that columnist and suggest to him some other super current mens fashion trends to write about. - Skinny black suit - Designer jeans (TR, R&R, 7FM) - Fedoras - Popped collars - Keffiyehs
Quote: Originally Posted by arc If you guys are worried about this degrading the exclusivity of your brands, you need to find more exclusive brands. I'm not so sure JCrew collabs are an attempt to bring those brands to the mainstream, as it is a way of seeking the approval of fashionistas. Most of those collabs, aside from more basic items like Levis and Topsiders, are very hard to find in most stores unless you're near certain flagship...
Nantucket red chinos in waist sz 32. Inseam 30 preferable although 32 is ok. I'll have to get them altered shorter anyway. Thanks!
You really have to be specific about the line. They have at least 4 cuts in their casual trousers. Since you mentioned JCrew, I'd say the Milanos fit almost like the urban slim fit.
If its a cap you wear to the beach, honestly, don't worry about a dimple in the hat. Even the finest and most stylish gentlemen will want to throw on a weathered, well-worn, comfortable cap when appropriate. Fussing over it is exactly what makes it lame.
Anyone know what the OP meant by upturned pocket? You mean an angled breast pocket?
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade So far the comments have been positive. For those of us who remember the old BB, this collection is yet another indication of the continued decline of a once iconic brand. To me, it looks a cut or two above Jos. A. Bank. In terms of...? Styling? Quality? I've never really spent much time in either but even with just quick glances I've always considered the two worlds apart. BB has always had a...
Generally... 60" for 7-9 eyelets 72" for 9+ eyelets Given how much add'l length there seems to be when tied, those could be 72", but doubt it. But generally speaking, 60" would be fine for most boots. 72" usually for those boots that go almost mid-calf.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH OUCH! That's like the female equivalent to seeing a picture of a guy in too-tight pants or getting a nut shot in a comedy movie. I can just feel the CRACK as my ankle rolls over. EEPS.
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