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Black Lamb Harrington 48 small tear on arm €200     Dark olive calf DR 48 €300 Shipping from Europe I ordered one of these last week.
That's Danielewski, right? I've seen another book of his which you have to flip around (as in the whole book) every page to read, even called it only revolutions... A girl in one of my literature classes went on and on about it 
Man, the sheer excess of K-pop is what makes it fun. Totally over the top clothing and girl bands with way too many members. With no irony I would say that it is a lot more fun than the 'high' contemporary art that is cranked out nowadays. Spot paintings?? GTFO Damien Hirst. 
I'm excited about the chinos and the trousers. I don't get this whole obsession with raw denim though; what so great about pants that stain eveything blue and you can't wash. There are enough indigo blue jeans out there anyway, would be great to see some other colours.
So when does s/s drop at stores? Some great looking pieces in that collection, especially the flowing wide trousers. Would love to get a pair of those. Prices for Yohji stuff seem pretty up there though. 
Ordered a fishtail and got hit with the warmest winter in years.    Last year I couldn't even get to the next town because of all the snow, right now it looks like spring outside. 
  Ah I study in Maastricht where this bookstore is. It's a bit disappointing in the flesh.. Somehow it always looks better in pictures than in real life, and the small bookstore down the block even has a better selection of books.   The cafe in the back makes great coffee though. 
My dream is to style a DR with those flowing samurai pants out of Yohji SS2012, MMM side zips, and a simple V neck tshirt (and a katana).   Neo-samurai > goth ninja   Too bad my chances of winning the lottery in 2012 are just as slim as in 2011...
  Does that look like this one ? Because it looks insanely nice.    Seriously considering getting a nice hoody as a christmas gift to myself. Next to the other stuff I've already ordered 
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