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  I think of this picture every time someone posts something from GQ or similar and says they want "that look".   I think a well-tailored suit would make a better impression than and ultra-slim one IMHO, but if thats what you want go for it.
Can somebody find that picture of that model with his suit clamped behind him, i feel its appropriate for this thread.
Cellphone probably has a clip behind it.
Yes, yes it is.
Try a suit from H&M or even *gasp* Express, you can get them in the $150-200 range, they are very modern cut and some even have that certain "sheen" to 'em. If your going for that attention-grabbing look-at-me look I think they would suffice.
I would wear brown shoes with a grey suit. Black shoes would work fine, silver IMO is doing too much. These are just my opinions...
Try Ebay, or find out about their "2nds" Which are AE shoes with slight imperfections. I also believe Nordstrom is having a sale in July where you can get AEs for ~$200 USD. Im also looking for some AEs and I don't plan on paying retail...
No, never...
Strike 3...
I don't own any 3ps yet but I do plan on buying a nice grey one for winter.
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