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Yeah I tried looking it up on GQ but couldn't find anything, at least its a lead though. I'm sure I can find something basically identical to these.     Thanks for all the help everybody.
Thanks guys I'll check those brands out.   If anybody else could narrow it down that'd be great.
  I've been looking around for a pair of loafers and came across this picture. To me these look like the perfect pair and I would greatly appreciate it if anybody could ID these for me. If someone could even provide me a link to where I can buy these that would be even better.   Thanks for any info.
I would go with a purple tie with white polka dots...
You should post the picture directly in your post, you'll get more responses.
If you're going to buy a suit at least buy one you can wear to more than just funerals.
or Malcolm X  
Wallet and keys in right back pocket, cellphone in left back pocket.
"Be sure to wear your AE's"
I would say hit up places like Nordstrom rack, Macys clearence etc. Wait for sales, and check out places like TJ Maxx or Burlington. You wont find the best quality there but items will be fairly cheap.
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