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Lol I'm now using this in real life.
Yes, yes it is. It comes of as affected.
Just picked these up, what do you guys think?  
    Ok cool, thanks for the quick answer.   This is what I have. Their ebay store sells them for $200
Hey does anybody know if Bass boat shoes run true to size? If buying online should I size up or down?   Thanks  
In the latest episode he supposedly shoots an alligator to make his own shoes. I'll have to watch to uh, confirm.  
I wouldn't, and that's not "above the ankle" that's above the shin,
I like Scott, his character is pretty funny on the show, but I believe its just that, a character. I think the producers needed to have a polarizing character like him on the show, so they edit and play up his doucheyness, he plays along, and the viewers hate. I think his style is pretty cool for him, it looks like he has fun with it.
No, and no...
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