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I have the Floto Venezia. Ive had it for about three years now with no construction issues. Im out of town all the time and its held up pretty good.
I'd rock the Strandmok.
Stumbled across this [[SPOILER]]   on Yahoo. It recommends wearing other types of pants besides jeans. They feature some $149 suitsupply chinos. The comments section pretty funny.   Browsing SF I sometimes forget just how far apart the average SF'er is from everybody else.     Some of the top comments     "Even if I won back-to-back million dollar lotteries I wouldn't spend 150 bucks on a lousy pair of slacks; but, I might be willing to pay a bit more than $10 for...
    ...And I would say throw in a nice tie bar for good measure...
  Thanks.     I've been trying to find the right pair for a while. When I saw these were B width I couldn't pass, the fit is perfect. Can't wait to debut them this weekend.
Hey I just picked my first pair of Loafers. A pair of JM Aristocrafts from the 'bay.     I'm curious to know how you guys like to where your loafers. Do you have any "loafer rules" you follow?
I personally never liked the polo with SC look but if you like it, and its comfy for a flight, go for it.
This always looked preppy to me...  
Just bought these for $30. JM Aristocraft loafers  
It doesnt come close to SF standards but I think it looks good to the other 99.8 percent of the population.
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