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JCP is always having sales you can get two suits and a few shirts for around $300. Or go Ebay.
I never wear socks with my loafers. If I do wear socks with my boat shoes they're never the white cotton kind. Wearing no socks with a blazer/sp just doesnt look right to me.
Target sells Kiwi cedar shoe trees for ten bucks.
  My Mexicaness doesnt allow for anything else.
With free returns I would definately return them for a perfect pair.
Found this pic, should help. [[SPOILER]]
After reading the last four pages I completely forgot about the op lol.
Great finds these last few pages. Gonna check out some new places this week hopefully I'll find something good.
Stopped by a local GW just to see what they had...   Nice Lanificio Campore wool and cashmere pants Alexandre Savile Row suit No label, BB,Zenga,BB,Chistian Dior. Close up of No name tie, does anybody know what kind it is??       I'm planning on throwing everything on The Bay except the no name tie and the CD tie.
I'd wear some cobalt blue trousers with a jacket like that.
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