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i apologize if this is a repost, so many pages of catching up and i might have lost track. happy turkey day to all the canadians!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIQ9vkzij0Y
...while we're on the topic of sheepskins, looks like its catching with the rest of the animal kingdom!   http://nationalpostnews.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/ikeamonkey.jpg?w=620&h=464   couldn't resist, its the first thing i noticed when this story came out! lol!
i've been following this on a daily basis and i'm off a few days and sheeesh... i also agree on the mod/suedehead. i actually found this while looking up mods, suedes, and skins!
no probs! i did remember seeing some familiar pics in the article much earlier in this thread, so i wasn't sure.
was this link posted earlier, can't remember..i'll delete it, if it was:  http://www.stewarthomesociety.org/interviews/edwards.htm
just chiming in here to say great stories all! i check in everyday to have a read! have a great week boys and girls...or maybe just girl? lol!
good to see you back M-o-M.  
    that's interesting
the "no clue" picture if i remember correctly was from the fred perry website, a user posted it on their website. i think they stated it was their dad or uncle (not sure) with his mates. i can't remember any other detail however..    
..and as an aside, i went in to a tailor/alteration store near my place to ask how much it would cost to taper on of my levis, and i asked about getting turnups in some jeans as well..i explained that i wanted them 'reversed'...the lady asked - IS THAT THE NEW STYLE?..anyways i digress..   ian those pics of those girls are great, love the hair, short and sweet!
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