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Worn twice, never washed--it's in "like new" condition. Mid-weight Portuguese flannel, apparently inspired by their 1979 catalogue.
In excellent condition--I've only worn it three times (with undershirt) and I haven't washed it. Size small, standard Gitman measurements.   It's this shirt here:   $110 via Paypal shipped within US (USPS first class + tracking), or best offer. For international orders, assume a $105 base price and add whatever the cheapest USPS Priority flat-rate shipping is.
Brand-new Corter standard utility belt, just got it in the mail today. It's a little thicker than I'd like. It's supposed to be a size 32" but from the very end of the leather to the third hole, it's actually 32.5"   It's the belt sold here:   Retails for $55 + shipping. Tried it on for 5 seconds, asking $50 shipped OBO.
They do have great customer service. Just returned a pair of "vintage" straights that, upon stretching, looked slightly weird on me. No issues.
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