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Up for sale here today is a Straw Borsalino Fedora.  I purchased this hat used a couple of months ago.  I have worn this only in trying it on and in realizing that I simply do not look good in a straw fedora it goes back up for sale.  This hat comes with it's Borsalino hat box.  The brim is 2 1/4".   This hat is the perfect summer hat.  Light and easy.  Goes well with almost all summer attire.  Tried and true Borsalino quality.     Don't miss out on the opportunity to...
Thank you and I agree Freedbird!  Thankfully though they just sold last night.  :D
Hello,   As a general rule the Barrie last runs about a half size big.  I typically where an 11D and these fit me perfectly.  I do have some Allen Edmonds 'Players' Wingtips in a 10.5 that I wear with no problem as well obviously with a thin sock on.     But I can't really tell you whether or not they will fit.  I also have a pair of Alden 'Indy' Boots in a 10.5 and swear that I would fit into a 10 even better, though this is just a theory at this point.     Hope...
Yes they are still available.
Here are some pics with a tape.          
Hello All,   Up for sale here is a Temple of Jawnz varsity jacket (TOJ 1.5) with Dark Green leather sleeves as well as a very dark charcoal-y and in the sun very subtle hints of green wool body.  This jacket has a black quilted lining in it.  I, quite literally, just bought this jacket from another member and would be keeping it but the arms are too narrow for me, not quite to the point of looking like stuffed sausages but definitely beyond wearable.  The jacket itself...
Yes I do.     Kind of a needle in a haystack at this point but I figured what the hell.  Good luck with the black!
One of my favorite jackets, maybe of all time if I had the budget I would buy it just for being near my size.  Good luck with the sale.
I've sent you a message.
Thank you for the measurements.  Can you post pics of the inside please?   Also can you briefly describe the condition beyond the photos?  Just trying to avoid any surprises, etc. (basically trying to help you sell your jacket) ;).
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