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 http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11908888&origkw=lindrick&kw=lindrick&parentPage=search $770 Gianni only available in retail stores currently, sold out online.  
  Stick around this thread on the days leading up to BF and you'll get a full run down.  Typically, the outlets run a sale on specific shoes, usually pretty good deals.  As is mentioned elsewhere on this thread, the best bet is to get a full list of everything that they have in your size and see what makes sense for you.  Last year, I got a pair of bourbon Mcallisters for $99.   Also, some of the outlets stay open all night, with extra good deals available from midnight to...
 Good catch - yeah, your 100 rep workout got skipped by.  So, actual total is 72584
Just checked my logs from prior to finding this thread. Add 1920 to the total 70304 + 1920 = 72,324 + 100 from tonight = 72424
I'm soft.  Just ordered the last 11.5 Lindrick in the system, from the NY store.  Should be here early next week.  I validated it by saying to myself that if they fit much better than my size 12 Marlow wingtips I'll sell the Marlows... we'll see if that actually happens.  
 LOL I wouldn't say that... I have a few videos up there, to spread the word about shell cordovan shoes.  I was disappointed early on when I searched for shell cordovan on youtube all the videos found were by or for foot fetishists.  
Been out of town on a business trip to NYC, and wore my 2.5-year old Marlow PTBs.  Interestingly, even though they have been worn a good deal, I found they are still breaking in, and nothing like walking through airports and around the city for 2 days to break in shoes.     Near the beginning of the trip:    In the hotel room, at the end of 2 days:    Walking to dinner:      Today, I broke out the marlow wingtips.  I am getting concerned that I might have been...
PSA on this topic. Call or email Kristle at the jeffersonville outlet if you are interested in a brown shell belt.
Did my 100 last night. 69612+ 100 = 69712
New Posts  All Forums: