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Lindricks arrived. Moist is the right word. Family pic
I had the same speed hook issue on a pair I have. You can have a cobbler replace it with an eyelet pretty cheaply.
10.5 or 11 depending on the width of your foot.
 They were on the website earlier this week, but sold out pretty fast.  Try calling one of the stores, i was able to get my size Lindrick sent from the madison ave store.   
 You may be best served to try calling RL online and see if they have the right size in stock, but not yet on the website.  In my case, they didn't have the right size, so I had to do the following: Return mine in the wrong size to RL online, then call one of their retail stores, and purchase them in the right size.  I Spent $10 in shipping doing it this way I think.  You may be further disadvantaged because it appears the 15% "kicker" no longer applies.    Edit: Just...
  Great pics, Namor.  How do you rate these compared with an Indy?  If I recall, you had an Indy boot in cigar... 
That's what I had to do with my size lindricks. Called the New York location's "shoe salon". Don't know when the sale ends - probably moot because the stock is low. $770 Gianni only available in retail stores currently, sold out online.  
  Stick around this thread on the days leading up to BF and you'll get a full run down.  Typically, the outlets run a sale on specific shoes, usually pretty good deals.  As is mentioned elsewhere on this thread, the best bet is to get a full list of everything that they have in your size and see what makes sense for you.  Last year, I got a pair of bourbon Mcallisters for $99.   Also, some of the outlets stay open all night, with extra good deals available from midnight to...
 Good catch - yeah, your 100 rep workout got skipped by.  So, actual total is 72584
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