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 75,621 + 100 = 75,721   Changed it up and worked pullups supersetted into my chest workout.  whew.  
I'm a wide 12D with high instep, and the 11.5D is slightly loose with thin socks, perfect with thick socks, for what it's worth.  It really is quite a large lasted boot.  
X post from the C&J  for RL thread: Gianis today, with flannels    
X post from the Non-Alden shell cordovan thread: Gianis today, with flannels.      
^^ thank you! As far as how I select my shoes, I generally don't wear loafers in the winter or boots in the summer. I also try to rotate through my shoes so that I wear each one 1-2x per month. Beyond that, I look at what I have in the way of meetings that day, what level of formality they will require, and what the weather will be. The boots are new, but I plan to wear my lindricks with flannels and woolen slacks (not suits) and Gianni's with denim, cords and flannels.
Ah, I momentarily forgot what e Harrison was. That will be a great shoe. Enjoy!
  I think you have a great collection, and they all look to be extremely well kept.  My collection is similar, though I have a few more AE and RL shell, and fewer Alden models.  You have all the majors covered, except perhaps a black cap toe or plain toe balmoral for formal occasions.  I'll echo what a few others have said - once you have more than 7 or so, it's because you enjoy shoes as a hobby of sorts, and there is definitely nothing wrong with that.  There are others...
74907 + 150= 75,057
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