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77848+60= 77908
+50= 77,307
 I find the cordovan version to be either slightly looser or the same.  Good luck!  
   I bought 3 of the Gatsby shirts after the suggestions above - thanks, guys.  They arrived yesterday.  They really are great shirts, but seem to be a little big for their measured size.  I usually wear a 17 35 and with that size in this shirt, I can fit 4 fingers in the neck.  Going to try to exchange today.   I also bought 3 of the golden fleece v-neck sweaters, and they are also great.  That really was a great sale.  
+50 = 76832
I have them both and they both are awesome.
I don't know anything about the construction or materials, but my tailor wears TBNY boots in the winter, likes them and recommended them to me.
650 ish + tax on the Gianni. The marlow sometimes goes on sale, but I think it has not been included the past 2.
+ 50 = 76,515
+ 150= 76,415
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