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  I believe so, but I don't own them, so not sure.  I presume they would have used the same sole as the strands, but note that they gave these "wheeling" treatment on the top of the welt as well.  Damn - why didn't I buy these?
They were a webgem in the spring - the biggest difference is that McCallisters are single-sole, Cambridge is double.  (plus the cordovan McCallister was only available in the webgem in that fantastic Truffle or Cappuccino color).  
  I like those too - but I'm a wingtip nut.  I'd seriously consider getting them, but am also a cordovan nut, and those aren't shell... I suppose I am lucky to have these "problems."     Happy my small contribution helped, Cold Iron.  I am very happy to hear that they took good care of you.  As was noted, you will have a VERY nice collection once they already show up (what am I saying, based on your posts and pictures in this thread alone you already do!)     When you...
Lol I've got brushes everywhere - car, office, 3 at home... Nice shoes, Namor!
I got one 2 days ago for 11.5e, but nothing else (I'm also signed up for 12d, 12e, 11.5d)
Congrats on finding the right last and size for your foot!  The Boardroom is on the 7 last right?  - there are lots of other AE shoes on that last, so you should have lots of other options going forward.   That is where the welt is attached to the upper.  Every 360 degree goodyear welted shoe has it.  The welt begins there, they sew the welt onto the upper all the way around, and it ends there.  I figure they tried to make it begin and end in the least conspicuous...
different lasts too - at least for the Hudson and Gramercy (4 last vs 7 last)  
Very nice boot collection there.  Wearing my walnut shell Daltons today.  Congrats on the 5th Street purchase(s) - how do  you find they fit compared to the Daltons?  
  We will see - if AE is able to get the shininess up, while keeping the color lighter than Alden's #8 they will have a win in my book.       Thanks - I don't think they have the new finishing, as they were manufactured some time prior to March of 2012 (when I got them), but maybe... 
  The walnut shell boots above are straight from the factory back in the spring, as are these Cambridges (at the same time):       It appears that the new burgundy finish has a darker red hue, in addition to being shinier.  I think all this started with the CEO stating that they would be using a new finishing method on their shell offerings.  
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