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Time for a fun little story:   Just returned from my business trip, which took me past my most local AE outlet store.  There is a new manager there, who is sure nice, but a little green.  As I walked in, a gentleman was trying to decide whether to get black calf Macneils, burgundy shell Leeds or BROWN shell Leeds.     He was really struggling, so I offered my assistance.  I started by showing him the 1.5 yr old burgundy shell Macneils on my feet and said he was...
A very specific PSA here, but if you live near or shop at a Tanger Outlet Mall, they are doing a breast cancer pink ribbon deal right now.  Not all stores are participating, but J. Crew, Ralph Lauren and Allen Edmonds are for sure.     You buy a card for a donation of at least $1 and that entitles you to a 25% discount on any 1 item.  I used it on a pair of shell cordovan Allen Edmonds from their outlet store. 
Yes, those prices are for seconds. I'm stopping by my outlet and will ask if the 15% discount is on everything, I should have an answer tomorrow pm.
Cold Iron, they look phenomenal - thanks for the great pics and description! With 4 more pair of Dundees coming, you'll be getting a workout. On a related note, I heard from AE that there is a real shortage of shell cordovan, so this boot makeup going on right now might be be the last shell webgem for a while. I think I will be ordering shortly. Also, the rediscover America sale is coming up 9/24 if anyone is waiting on the next sale.
They are really great boots. Broke mine out today for the first time since May, was reminded how great they are.Nice boots and pics, herrmj
  Thank you for the detailed response regarding fit and finish.  I hope your new Dundees made it through the day unscathed and I'm looking forward to the pictures....    and 
  I believe so, but I don't own them, so not sure.  I presume they would have used the same sole as the strands, but note that they gave these "wheeling" treatment on the top of the welt as well.  Damn - why didn't I buy these?
They were a webgem in the spring - the biggest difference is that McCallisters are single-sole, Cambridge is double.  (plus the cordovan McCallister was only available in the webgem in that fantastic Truffle or Cappuccino color).  
  I like those too - but I'm a wingtip nut.  I'd seriously consider getting them, but am also a cordovan nut, and those aren't shell... I suppose I am lucky to have these "problems."     Happy my small contribution helped, Cold Iron.  I am very happy to hear that they took good care of you.  As was noted, you will have a VERY nice collection once they already show up (what am I saying, based on your posts and pictures in this thread alone you already do!)     When you...
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