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No kipping for me - just ol' fashioned, full-extension to chin over the bar, pullups (or chin-ups, depending on the day).  I actually tend to keep my legs fully extended (down) most of the time.  Last night's workout was 5 sets of 12, with 45 seconds rest between, then a nice long 2 minute rest, and 1 set of 15. 
^^ yikes take it easy and feel better. A quick 75 for me tonight 78681+75= 78756
Contact Kristle at the jeffersonville outlet if you are still interested. Took about a month.
Did 100 tonight, but the last 20 were tough. Did sets of 8 and 6 near the end... 78268 +100 = 78368
Received my custom brown shell cordovan belt today.  It looks so good I'm afraid to wear it. :-)
 I'm in for an average of 50 per day (350 per week).  Anyone else willing to pledge?  
There used to be a huge overweight (500+ lb) guy who would go into the only handicapped stall in the building and go to sleep for 2+ hours at a time.  You would clearly hear him snoring.  It was very weird.     The most uncomfortable place I've ever shat is at a state park right before a triathlon.  For some reason, nerves always get the better of me at those events, and about 20 minutes before the start, I must take care of business or I have abdominal cramps for the...
Thanks for noticing - been fighting the worlds worst cold for a week. That's what you get when you have a preschooler and a kindergartner I think. Hope to get back on the horse tomorrow.
77848+60= 77908
+50= 77,307
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