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80538 +150= 80688
79,936 +50= 79986
+50= 79,706
+50 = 79515
Is it excess oil coming through the pores? Hard to really tell on the pics. Just checked mine and they do not have this fwiw.
I recommend you check with them ahead of time. Last year they were accepting phone orders I believe. (740) 948-9033
^^ here's the email I received yesterday from Kristle at jeffersonville: 20% off a single item 10pm-3am November 28-29 30% off a single item 3am-6am November 29
+50= 79165
Yes, I've thought about it. Though I am only in my mid-30's, tomorrow is guaranteed no one. I have 2 young daughters, no sons. My wife knows that there is significant value in the shoes, even used, though she doesn't know anything about them. I have a word doc typed up with a pic of the shoes, along with what an eBay description should read, and what beginning bids should be.I have also thought about entering into a deal with someone on here who is the same size as me, to...
78956+ 50= 79006
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